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The Karmiel Dance Festival has been a yearly event since 1987. The festival is usually held for 3 days and nights in July, and includes dance performances, workshops, and open dance sessions. The festival began as a celebration of israeli folk dance, but today it features many different dance troupes, attracting thousands of dancers and hundreds of thousands of spectators from Israel and overseas. During the festival there are two major competitions: a choreography competition and a folk dance competition.

The festival lasts three days, during which a crowd of people gather, viewers can observe a wide variety of shows. Israeli dancers participate in this festival, as dancers from other countries abroad. With several performances of various dance groups, there are events that are open to the public and to all participants. There are dance teachers from abroad. In addition to the events in the festival, there are several competitions: a choreography competition, a folk dance contest, and a group dance contest to select the best team of the year.

The dance festival is held in various sports facilities in the city of Karmiel, among them: the amphitheatre, the stage, the park and the pavilion. Many events in the past were dedicated in honor of the israeli composers; Sasha Argov, Naomi Shemer and Avihu Medina. In the year 2006 the festival was canceled because of the war with Lebanon.


Every year, the Karmiel Dance Festival hosts a special performance of some of the best ensembles in the world:

Bob Cohen’s Dance Theater from London – UK 1988
Opera Ballet from Lion – France 1989
Poznan Dance Theater – Poland 1990
Bolshoi Ballet – Russia 1992
Nancy National Ballet – France 1993
Warsaw Opera Ballet – Poland 1994
Jiri Kylian Dance Theater – Holland 1995
The Espanol-de-Spain Ballet 1996
National Ballet of Korea 1997
Stanislavsky Ballet – Russia 1998
Warsaw Opera Ballet – Poland 1999
National Ballet of China 2000
The Ukrainian ballet and the Bolshoi soloists from Moscow 2001
National Ballet of Latvia 2002
The Batsheva Dance Company – Israel 2003
The Kibbutzit Dance Company – Israel 2004
“Dancing with Glikeria” 2005
"Don Quixote" - The Israeli Ballet 2006
“Mezubsha" - The National Band of Poland 2007
"Let us grow quietly" - the dancers of tomorrow 2008
The Israeli Stage Choreography Competition in Memory of Eyal Ben Yehoshua 2009
A Latin celebration 2010
Nirvana - the Buddhist monks from Korea 2011
The National Band of the Cossacks from Russia 2012
National band from Ukraine 2013

The Karmiel Dance Festival hosted many professional bands from Israel and abroad who chose to bring new works to the festival as World Premieres:

The Israeli Ballet | The Bat Dor Dance Company | The Kibbutzit Dance Company | Inbal Dance Company | Batsheva Dance Company | Oshra Elkayam |Dvora Bertonov | Dalia Low and her band | Yaron Margolin and his band | Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal | “The Suzanne Dellal Center” presents Israeli artists - Meira Asher, Yair Vardi, Yasmin Vardimon, Tamar Ben Ami | Ido Tadmor and his band | Moshe Efrati 's “Voice and Silence” | Rina Shaham and her band | Rene Schoenfeld 's Dance Theater |The Tamar Dance Theater Jerusalem The Tamar Ben Ami Band | Vertigo Dance Company | Inbal Pinto | Arabesque |The artist duo Tzachi Patish and Chen Zimbalista |Rina Shaham and her band | Ruth Eshel and the Escaesta Dance Theater from Haifa | The ‘Shalom 2002’ Band | ‘Panov’ Theater, Ashdod | The ‘Tamar’ Dance Theater, Jerusalem | Michal Nathan | Emmanuel Gat and the band |The ‘Kombina’ Band | Yael Assaf and Orly Arushas | Michaela Harari | The Tami Nimrod Fried Band | Yael Tal in Twal| Mimi Ries Wiesenberg | Hadas Hausman - Agmon | Mona Chang from China | The ‘Doror’ Dance Company from France | ‘Demo Dance’ from China | ‘Szeged’ Dance Theater from Hungary | Nova dance theater from japan | ‘Braunschweig” ballet from Germany | ‘Ballet Carcas’ from Venezuela | ‘C.D.C.C’ Dance Company from Japan | EXPRESSIONS Dance Company from Hong Kong | PACT Dance Company from Australia | The Krantic Theater from Russia | ‘Moving Into Dance’ from South Africa | Telder Dance Theater from Holland Nomad Dance Theater from London The Theater Dance rolls from the Netherlands In Pucci Ballet Poclurico de Chile Land of Nood from France Philip From Switzerland National Dance Theater of Croatia Dance Theater from Uzbekistan Maribor Ballet - The National Theater of Slovenia Daniel Levi from Canada.

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