Karmir Blur

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Karmir Blur
Կարմիր բլուր
Yerevan, Armenia
Karmir Blur Կարմիր բլուր is located in Armenia
Karmir Blur Կարմիր բլուր
Karmir Blur
Կարմիր բլուր
Coordinates 40°09′14″N 44°27′04″E / 40.1539°N 44.4511°E / 40.1539; 44.4511
Type Fortified Settlement
Site information
Condition Only some foundations exist.
Site history
Built End of the 2nd Millennium BC
Materials Stone
Demolished Yes

Coordinates: 40°09′13″N 44°27′10″E / 40.1536°N 44.4528°E / 40.1536; 44.4528

Karmir Blur (Armenian: Կարմիր բլուր; meaning "red hill") is a fortified settlement from the end of the 2nd millennium BC. The site is located in Yerevan, Armenia on the right bank of the Hrazdan River, near the highway that runs from Yerevan to Yeghvard, behind the Institute of Physics building. Objects found during archaeological excavations at this site have been predominantly made of bronze or iron. Other artifacts that were unearthed include pottery that has either been painted black or has painted designs such as waves of water, and items such as belts, ornaments, glass beads, and weapons such as daggers and lances.


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