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Karnig Sarkissian Live in Moscow, 2012

Karnig Sarkissian (Armenian: Գառնիկ Սարգիսեան) is a popular Armenian singer born in Aleppo, Syria and a naturalized American citizen. He is well known for his Armenian patriotic songs throughout the Armenian diaspora and a big supporter of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).


In 1982, Sarkissian was convicted in taking part in a plot to bomb the Philadelphia Turkish Consulate.[1] A resident of Anaheim, California at the time, his accomplices accordhing to the courts were Viken Vasken Yacoubian of Glendale; Vicken Archavir Sarkissian Hovsepian, of Santa Monica; Dikran Sarkis Berberian, of Glendale and Steven John Dadaian, of Canoga Park, California and lisbon 5. They were accused of being members of Justice Commandos Armenian Genocide (JCAG).[2]

His prison sentence was cut short.[3][4] After release from prison, Karnig Sarkissian resumed his artistic activity and is a popular singer in the Armenian diaspora.




  • Housher (double album, 2009)[6]
  • Lisbon Five
  • Meghavore Tashnagtsutyun
  • Ezkush Kordzir Hayasdanum
  • Ver Gats Joghovourt
  • Kharapaghi Engadznerin


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