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Karol Józef Krótki
Born (1922-05-15)15 May 1922
Cieszyn Poland
Died 6 July 2007(2007-07-06) (aged 85)
Edmonton, Alberta
Occupation demographer
University Professor
Spouse(s) Joanna Elzbieta Krotki (nee Patkowska)
Children Karol Jr. Krotki, Jan Krotki, Filip Krotki

Karol Józef Krótki, FRSC (15 May 1922 – 6 July 2007) was a renowned Polish Canadian demographer who, at various times, lived and worked in Poland, the United Kingdom, Sudan, Pakistan, Morocco and Canada. Professor Krotki was elected to the Royal Society of Canada in 1979.

Early life[edit]

Karol Krotki was born in 1922 in Cieszyn, Poland. Following German and Soviet Union invasion of Poland in 1939 Krotki, still a teenager fled the country on foot. Eventually he enrolled in the British Army and took part in the battles of North Africa. Later he joined the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom, where he distinguished himself for bravery.


Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Economics (1946–1948), Cambridge University

Master of Arts in Economics with Statistics (1952), Cambridge University

PhD in Economics (1960) Princeton University

Dissertation, Estimating Vital Rates from Peculiar and Inadequate Age Distribution, supervised by Ansley J. Coale

Professional activities[edit]

1949–1958 Khartoum, Sudan, at that time part of the British Dominion, Department of Statistics He worked on Sudan's first population census carried out between 1956 and 1958.

1960–1964 Karachi, Pakistan Research Adviser at the Institute of Economic Development in Karachi

1971–1972 Rabat, Morocco work in Centre de recherches et d’études démographiques

1964–1968 - Statistics Canada, known at that time as the Dominion Bureau of Statistics Dr. Krotki was in charge of managing demographic research, both substantive and methodological, population estimates and forecasting as well as the preparation towards the 1971 census, its methodology and content determination. He spearheaded the 1961 census monograph program.

1968–1990 University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, Department of Sociology, He was instrumental in establishing a strong demography program and the Population Research Laboratory at the university. He trained many students, in class and as supervisor to their MA and PhD research. In 1971 he was elected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.[1] In 1983 Dr. Krotki was awarded the title of University Professor and after his retirement remained active as a Professor Emeritus.

Personal Interests[edit]

Dr. Karol Jozef Krotki was one of the founding members of the Polish Culture Society of Edmonton in 1971. During his years in Africa Dr. Krotki kept personal memoirs and wrote a book about his experiences. In 1961 he tried to publish it in Poland, but the text was not approved for publication at that time. Eventually in 1995 the book was published in Poland under the title "W kraju białego nosorożca" (In the land of a white rhinoceros).


The Karol J Krotki Population Research Graduate Scholarship is endowed by the Society of Edmonton Demographers (the Alberta Endowment Fund for Demographic Research) to support sociology doctoral students doing advanced original research that is likely to make a significant contribution to the broad field of population studies.


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