Karoline Bjørnson

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Karoline Bjørnson

Karoline Bjørnson (née Reimers, 1 December 1835 – 27 June 1934) was a Norwegian actress. She is best known as the wife and supporter of poet, playwright, popular speaker and Nobel laureate Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, being model for several of Bjørnson's literary women figures, and helping out with articles and other literary works. Several of Bjørnson's poems are dedicated to his wife Karoline. The figures "Klara Sang" and "Tora Parsberg" are modelled after her.

Née Karoline Johanne Elisabeth Reimers, she was the mother of theatre director Bjørn Bjørnson. She died at Aulestad in 1934, 98 years old.[1][2]


Eyolf Soot's painting of Bjørnstjerne and Karoline Bjørnson from 1897 is located in the National Gallery of Norway. She was portrayed by Bernhard Folkestad in 1912, and by Olaf Gulbransson in 1923. She was biographed by Øyvind Anker, in his book Boken om Karoline from 1982.[2]


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