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Karolinska University Hospital
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset logo.svg
University Hospital in Solna
Location Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Solna, 171 76 Stockholm
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Huddinge, 141 86 Stockholm, Stockholm County, Stockholm, Sweden
Coordinates 59°21′08″N 18°01′56″E / 59.35222°N 18.03222°E / 59.35222; 18.03222Coordinates: 59°21′08″N 18°01′56″E / 59.35222°N 18.03222°E / 59.35222; 18.03222
Funding Public hospital
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university Karolinska Institutet
Emergency department Yes
Beds about 1,736[1]
Helipad Yes ICAO: ESHK
Website www.karolinska.se
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The Karolinska University Hospital (Swedish: Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset) is a university hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, with two major sites in the municipalities of Huddinge and Solna. It is the second largest hospital system in Sweden, after Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg.

The present day Karolinska University Hospital is the result of a 2004 merger between the former Huddinge University Hospital (Huddinge universitetssjukhus) in Huddinge, south of Stockholm, and the Karolinska Hospital (Karolinska Sjukhuset) in Solna, north of Stockholm. The new hospital has about 15,000 employees and 1,700 patient beds.[1] The Karolinska University Hospital is closely affiliated with the Karolinska Institutet. It incorporates the Astrid Lindgren Children’s hospital in Solna and the Children’s Hospital in Huddinge.

The Karolinska University Hospital in Solna is in the process of being replaced by The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital, to be completed by end of 2016.[citation needed]

New Karolinska Solna[edit]

New Karolinska Solna University Hospital under construction in October 2012

The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital (NKS) (Swedish: Nya Karolinska Solna), is the new university hospital to be built in Stockholm, Sweden, replacing the present Karolinska University Hospital. Estimated completion is December 2015.

NKS is also Sweden's first public-private partnership (PPP) project in healthcare. The process for contracting, planning and building the hospital has been heavily criticized by an independent review published by Timbro.[2] When the hospital was planned, there was an inadequate assessment of the costs of renovating the old Karolinska and the focus was on architectural design and only after a competition had been held was there feedback from a medical perspective. The hospital is smaller than the current Karolinska and does not meet the future needs of an ageing population with increasing healthcare demands. The contracting of the hospital was also not performed correctly as there was only one bid on the tender. The cost of the hospital is currently estimated to 50 000 million SEK and this does not take into account the costs of increasing the number of beds in other Stockholm hospitals or alternatively keeping the old Karolinska to have sufficient number of hospital beds for future needs. The building costs widely exceed those of other, similar projects in Europe and the US. The contracts and details of the New Karolinska have been classified as confidential information despite the bill being picked up by Swedish taxpayers.

The New Karolinska Solna is being built as a PPP-project. This means that not only construction of the building, but also facility management, maintenance, and service is to be provided for a period of approximately 25 years following the completion of the building. Also, financing of the project is to be included in the project that is procured by the Stockholm County Council.[3]


A number of reports and decisions from 2001 and forward established the need for a new university hospital, to replace the present Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

To construct a new hospital has been considered to be more cost effective, compared to renovating and refurbishing the present facilities, spread over a large area in more than 40 buildings. Building a new hospital will also facilitate a new approach to healthcare implementing modern ideas and practices.

In April 2008, the decision was made by the Stockholm County Council to build a new university hospital in Stockholm. It was also decided that the operations of the hospital shall be carefully evaluated, and a new modern approach to healthcare be applied. In June 2008, it was decided that the new university hospital will be built using the PPP (or PFI) model which includes also financing as well as management of the building after the completion.


  • Open for tenders from prequalified corporations until 30 September 2009.
  • Financial close, 30 June 2010.
  • Start of construction, Summer of 2010.
  • Inauguration 11 December 2015.


The procurement and planning of the New Karolinska Solna University Hospital is managed by the Stockholm County Council and the New Karolinska Solna Administration. Head of the project is Lennart Persson who is a professor of neurosurgery at the Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden.

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