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OriginTumwater, Washington, United States
Years active1990–1998
LabelsK, Kill Rock Stars
Associated actsBig Business, Melvins
MembersChris Smith
Jared Warren
Scott Jernigan

Karp was a post-hardcore band from Tumwater, Washington, that formed in 1990 and lasted until 1998. The band was formed by Chris Smith aka Chris "Slayer", Jared Warren, and Scott Jernigan. They released three full-length albums titled Mustaches Wild, Suplex, and Self Titled LP. They also released several EPs and 7" records. Their recordings were released by several Northwest-related labels such as K Records, Kill Rock Stars, and Punk In My Vitamins. Karp managed to mix the terror of hardcore, The Melvins, and Black Sabbath with an ear for pop-influenced song assembly. The band name is inspired from a newsletter/zine that Chris Smith put out in highschool and is an acronym that stands for "Kill All Redneck Pricks". Their oft used logo of an eagle with spread wings was a modification on the defunct National Recovery Administration's "Blue Eagle" logo.

Members went on to play with Tight Bro's from Way Back When, The Whip, Dead Air Fresheners, Big Business and The Melvins. Drummer Scott Jernigan died in a boating accident on June 10, 2003.

NY-based documentarian Bill Badgley (from the rock band Federation X) released a Karp documentary, entitled Kill All Redneck Pricks, a preview of which was shown in Seattle October 22, 2009.[2]



  • Mustaches Wild 10"/LP/CD, K Records (1994)
  • Suplex CD/LP, K Records (1995)
  • Self Titled LP CD/LP, K Records (1997)
  • Action Chemistry CD (singles compilation), Punk In My Vitamins (2001)

7" singles and EPs[edit]

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