Karpinsky Glacier

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Karpinsky Glacier
Ледник Карпинского
OctoberRevolutionIsland Terra MODIS.jpg
Image of October Revolution Island with the Karpinsky Glacier in the upper right part
Map showing the location of Karpinsky Glacier
Map showing the location of Karpinsky Glacier
Location within Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
Type Ice cap
Location October Revolution Island,
Severnaya Zemlya
Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
Coordinates 79°39′N 99°2′E / 79.650°N 99.033°E / 79.650; 99.033Coordinates: 79°39′N 99°2′E / 79.650°N 99.033°E / 79.650; 99.033
Area 2800 km²
Highest elevation 963 m

Karpinsky Glacier or Karpinsky Ice Cap (Russian: Ледник Карпинского; Lednik Karpinskogo), also known as Mount Karpinsky, is a large ice cap on October Revolution Island, Severnaya Zemlya, Russian Federation.

It was named after Aleksandr Petrovich Karpinsky, a Russian geologist.


This ice cap has a surface of 2,800 km² and is the largest of the seven ice caps on October Revolution Island. Its maximum height is 963 m and it is also the highest point in Severnaya Zemlya.[1]

The Karpinsky Ice Cap is located on the eastern side of the island with the Laptev Sea and the Shokalsky Strait on its eastern side. To the north it feeds the Matusevich Fjord, the largest fjord in the archipelago[2] —beyond which lies the Rusanov Glacier, and to the southeast it feeds the head of the smaller Marat Fjord.[3]

To the south of the Karpinsky Glacier lies the University Glacier, which reaches a height of 806 m.[4]

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