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Karrana is located in Bahrain
Location in Bahrain
Coordinates: 26°13′50″N 50°30′39″E / 26.23056°N 50.51083°E / 26.23056; 50.51083Coordinates: 26°13′50″N 50°30′39″E / 26.23056°N 50.51083°E / 26.23056; 50.51083
Country Bahrain
Governorate Northern Governorate
 • Total 12,000
Website Karrana heritage

Karrana (Arabic: كرانة‎, from Persian: کرانهkarāna, meaning "coasst, bank") is a village located in the Northern Governorate, Bahrain. The village is called the "Green Village" because of the excellence of its green palms and a relatively good place for farming.[1] The village is located west of the capital Manama


Karrana is inhabited by 12,000 people, and is home to the Karrana Elementary School For Girls. Historically, Karrana was divided into a group of villages which are: Al Muqaysim, Rozkan, Al Harbadiya, Al Majrafat, but now is a considered to be 1 village. Areas in the village are still called names such as Al Mahmoodiyat, Fareeq Al Manai, Fareeq Al Loza, and others.

Famous people from the village[edit]

Abduladhim Al Muhtadi Al Bahrani says in his book Ulama Al Bahrain Durus Wa Ibar (Arabic:علماء البحرين دروس و عبر) page 111 that a skilled author and scientist called Sayyid Abdullah Al Qarooni, who wrote Sharh Al Mughni, was from the village. However, no one from the village knows anything about this Sayyid Abdullah Al Qarooni, except of what came from Al Bahrani's book and another book called Anwar Al Badrain. It is not known when Sayyid Abdullah died, but it is sometime in 1000 hijri.

Religious figures[edit]

Alama Abduladhim Al Muhtadi Al Bahrani
Sheikh Mirza Hussain Ali Abbas Al Aswad
Sayyid Makki Sayyid Hilal Al Wadai
and others


Hajji Isa Hamza Abbas Al Aswad

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