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The panorama restaurant on the top of the karren.
Highest point
Elevation971 m (3,186 ft)
Prominence30 metres (98 ft)
Isolation0.4 kilometres (0.25 mi)
Coordinates47°23′14″N 9°45′3″E / 47.38722°N 9.75083°E / 47.38722; 9.75083Coordinates: 47°23′14″N 9°45′3″E / 47.38722°N 9.75083°E / 47.38722; 9.75083
LocationVorarlberg, Austria

The Karren is a mountain within the city bounds of Dornbirn, in Western Austria.

A cable car goes to the top of the mountain. The summit station includes a panorama restaurant with an expansive view of Switzerland and Germany and the Rhine Valley.

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