Karsten Schubert

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Karsten Schubert
Born 1961
Berlin, Germany
Nationality German
Occupation artists' representative, gallery proprietor and publisher
Known for Karsten Schubert Limited

Karsten Schubert (born 1961) is a German art dealer and publisher working in London.


Karsten Schubert Limited[edit]

Schubert ran Karsten Schubert Limited, initially in collaboration, and with the backing of, Richard Salmon, from 1986 to 1991. His 1988 group show of Ian Davenport, Gary Hume and Michael Landy was one of the first commercial gallery shows of artists that would later come to be known as Young British Artists (YBA).[1] The gallery quickly came to represent many of the YBA artists and several non-British artists.

In addition to the exhibition programme the gallery also contributed to the publication of a series of catalogues and books which offered an overview of the YBA scene.

The gallery relocated from Charlotte Street to smaller premises in Foley Street, continuing its exhibition and publishing programme.

Rachel Whiteread's 1996 departure from the gallery triggered a reorientation of Schubert's activities. He became a private artists' representative and art dealer working with a select number of artists.

In 2007, the company moved to premises on Golden Square in Soho then, in January 2014 moved to Lexington Street, Soho.


In 1995 Charles Asprey, Thomas Dane and Karsten Schubert established Ridinghouse. The publishes primary documents, art historical research, first monographs, anthologies of interviews and writings and editions. The organisation has expanded since 2004 and produces 14-16 publications a year.[2]


Schubert is a trustee of SPACE, London.

Schubert was a faculty member of the Fine Arts programme, for 2015-2016, at the British School at Rome[3][4]


  • Technique Anglaise: Current Trends in British Art. Karsten Schubert; Thames and Hudson, 1989.[5]
  • The Curator's Egg. London: Ridinghouse, 2000.[6]
  • About Carl Andre. London: Ridinghouse, 2008. Edited by Paula Feldman, Alistair Rider, Karsten Schubert.[7]
  • Robert Ryman: Critical Texts Since 1967. London: Ridinghouse, 2009. Edited by Vittorio Colaizzi and Karsten Schubert.[8]
  • Bridget Riley: Complete Prints. London: Ridinghouse, 2012. Edited by Karsten Schubert.[9]
  • Room 225–6. London: Ridinghouse, 2015. His first novel, set in London.[10]


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