Kart Racer

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Kart Racer
Kart Racer.jpg
Directed by Stuart Gillard
Produced by Leif Bristow
Written by Nicholas DiBella
Starring Randy Quaid
Will Rothhaar
Jennifer Wigmore
David Gallagher
Knightscove Entertainment
Distributed by Alliance Atlantis
Release date
  • 16 May 2003 (2003-05-16)
Running time
94 min
Country Canada
Language English

Kart Racer is a 2003 Canadian feature film starring Will Rothhaar, David Gallagher and Randy Quaid. In the United States, it premiered on television on ABC Family in 2005.

The film centers on a boy named Watts "Lightbulb" Davies (Will Rothhaar) who likes to race go-karts. Unable to come up with enough funds to purchase his own kart, Watts convinces his father, Vic Davies (Randy Quaid) (a former kart racer himself), to help him build a cart and teach him how to drive. As he follows his dream, he then has to race against his enemy and idol, Baggims.

Footage of the racing simulator NASCAR Racing 2002 Season by Papyrus Design Group can be seen as they are playing it at the arcade.


Watts Davies (Will Rothhaar) is a 14-year-old kid who decides to take up go-kart racing, he finds a new pursuit and begins to reconnect with his father, Vic (Randy Quaid), whom he has been clashing with since the death of his mother. Watts has an intense rivalry with local Rodney Wells (Joe Dinicol), his enemy and the town bully. Rodney stops at nothing to make Watts look bad; and he and his crew are not above getting Watts arrested. A little later, after more trouble, Watts sadly watches as Rodney and his dad buys the kart that he had originally set his eyes upon.

In an effort to bond with Watts, Vic (who is a former racer himself) helps him build a kart together and begins to train him in the fine art of kart racing, in which Watts proves to be a natural. With Vic's help and training, and a newly built kart, Watts enters the race. Throughout the film as Vic teaches Watts how to compete, the young driver begins to fall for Dahlia (Amanda De Martinis), an attractive and rebellious local girl and a graffiti artist.

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