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Crazy Racing Kart Rider
Developer(s) Nexon Korea
Publisher(s) Nexon

Nexon Korea

Platform(s) PC, Windows Win98/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7/8
Release date(s) South Korea: June 1, 2004

China: January 10, 2006
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau: December 19, 2006
Thailand: October 2, 2008
Russia, CIS: December 22, 2010
Indonesia: February 9, 2012
Japan: April 19, 2012

Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Crazy Racing Kart Rider (Korean: 크레이지레이싱 카트라이더) is an online multiplayer racing game servicing at NEXON. It is part of the Crazy Arcade franchise. It earns revenues by selling virtual items in the in-game shop, including different types of vehicle and spraypaint. Kart Rider not only features fictitious fantasy vehicles but also branded game models based on real-life cars, developed from collaboration with companies such as BMW Korea. About 25% of South Koreans have played the game at least once.[1]


A closed beta for an English version of Crazy Racing KartRider began in America on May 1, 2007 and ended on May 31, 2007. The open beta began on October 2, 2007 and ended on March 19, 2008. The English version of Kart Rider for PC is now closed. The website, which had displayed a notice thanking players for participating in the Open Beta was removed and the site's URL now redirects to the Nexon America homepage. This lead some to believe that it will not be returning. On March 11, 2011, Nexon America released Kartrider for the Apple App Store under the name Kartrider Rush.[2][3][4] The Chinese version of the game is known as PopKart. Now, Kartrider is on Facebook and is called "Kartrider Dash". However as of April 15, 2014 the game has been shut down thus ending the lifespan of the franchise in North America for good.


Players may compete as individuals pollos (one person) or as doubles pollos (two or more). This game features the following:

  • Drifting
  • Nitrous acceleration
  • Using items
  • Using bonus items bought from the store like the hammer or the 1000 pounds

Types of Play[edit]

Item Mode[edit]

This is a race which has floating power-ups (displayed as boxes, fairy tale books and other 3D objects according to the theme of the map) at various points in the race which the racer may collect as they race through the course. Karts have 2 slots to hold the item. There are:

  • Rocket Missile: Knocks the target up for several seconds when hit.
  • Water Balloon: Throws a water balloon in front of the player, entrapping hit targets in water bubbles for a few seconds.
  • Water Balloon Fly: Catches the target one place ahead of the player in a water bubble for a few seconds.
  • UFO: Dramatically slows down the player currently in first place.
  • UFO Destroyer: Destroys the UFO for the first place player on your team (or yourself).
  • Shield: Blocks the next incoming targeted item attack. Lasts several seconds.
  • Red Devil: Reverses the left and right direction keys temporarily.
  • Dr. R: Reverses the left and right direction keys, as well as up and down keys, temporarily (Reverse maps only).
  • Angel: Temporarily shields all teammates from item attacks, including the Red Devil (Team mode only).
  • Magnet: Pulls the player towards the targeted kart, dramatically affecting speed.
  • N2O Booster: Standard booster that increases speed temporarily.
  • Banana: Puts down a banana. When a kart goes over the banana, it will spin uncontrollably for a very short period.
  • Cloud: Puts down a cloud behind you that impedes vision for other players.

Speed Mode[edit]

In this type of race there are no power-ups. Players may however earn a nitrous boost should they drift enough during the race. Each player has his/her own boost gauge which can be filled by drifting. When the boost gauge is filled, the player earns a booster, while the gauge is emptied.

In Team Games, each of the two teams have a team boost gauge which is filled by the drifting of all the team members. Unlike the private boost gauge, The team boost gauge does not give you a new booster, but upgrades every existing standard booster(red) into a longer lasting and more powerful team booster(blue), thus requiring team-work to win a game.

Flag Mode[edit]

This mode in Kart Rider is a capture-the-flag style game in which the player who holds the flag for longest time wins. The other players may either collide with the flag-carrier or collect items from various places in the map (in particular missiles) which would cause the flag to be dropped from the flag-carrier if used correctly. In Flag Games, players can hold up to 10 missiles in one item slot.

In Team Games, there are two 'goal areas' for each team that players have to carry the flag to, in order to score a 'goal'. The team with the most goals wins. If the teams have the same amount of goals when the time is up, there is an extra round (Golden Goal) in which the team to score first wins.


The Game has a scenario mode, which sets requirements that gamers must meet to fulfill the missions. The missions are there to let the player test his skill against a standard put by the game. It is also a series of story tasks. There is racing, time attack,item, checkpoint etc. Also, by accomplishing each mission, the player gets 'Lucci' (Kart Rider money) or items such as balloons, electronic bands and sometimes even karts.

Battle Mode[edit]

This mode is like an Item Game, but it changes with random tracks all 3 simultaneous times the player races. The player makes a team of 2, 3 or 4 and races with an opponent team with equal numbers of opponents. The opponent teams are computer controlled and are selected within Golden, Retire-man, Beast, Alien, Robot Bazzi, Robot Dao, Castle, Pirates and Santa&his reindeer.

Chance Mode[edit]

Called "복불복," which literally is "Luck or No Luck," is a mode available only in Korea. It is projected to be open from December 12 to January 6.[5] Every time the game starts, the kart the player rides is decided randomly, ranging from the slowest Practice Kart to the best kart currently available—the Black Shark. Otherwise, it is the same as an Item game. In Korea, the chance mode has once closed down and reopened for one week (from March 10 to March 16) and more new karts have been added such as Noble Duck, Burst Z7, Golden StormBlade, Test type A etc. Also, speed mode is available, too.

Dead Mode[edit]

It is called "勇者竞速模式" in Chinese. It is similar to team speed mode except the 2 teams start facing opposite of each other with one team running the track forward and another in reverse.

Giant Mode[edit]

This mode is like Speed mode, but when you collide with other players, you get bigger. At maximum size, players can trample other players. After making collisions seven times, your size goes back to normal and you obtain nitro. Giant Mode is a mode available in Korea, China, Taiwan (That countries patched Revolution Patch)

Types of Vehicles[edit]


Of the fictional vehicles available in Kart Rider, several themes exist:

Name Type Description
Solid C1 E2 G3 R4 PRO SR Z7 New Series HT Engine Solid theme karts are heavy, and are not easily pushed out of the way by other karts.
Burst C1 E2 G3 R4 PRO SR Z7 HT Engine New Series Fast straight-line speed and acceleration, but weak in turning.
Marathon C1 E2 G3 R4 PRO SR (No SR in Korean Version Z7 HT Engine Strong in climbing uphill, above average in straight-line speed and turning speed. The booster lasts longer
Cotton C1 E2 G3 R4 PRO SR Z7 HT Engine New Series Average in most aspects, but able to drift extremely well
Saber C1 E2 G3 R4 PRO SR Z7 PLZ7 HT Engine Fastest in straight-line speed, and is a match for the Cotton karts in speed races.
Name Type Description
Plasma FT PT PXT SR EXV EXT EXW Z7 The PT karts need more drift-driving to obtain one booster, but the booster lasts longer. The FT karts only take a little drift-driving to obtain a booster, but the boosters do not last long.
Lodi Classic Mercury Ferdi Pyron Impernal Ventus Coten Emperial Looks like real cars like Ferrari, Porsche and others. All the karts are unlimited use but only bought by cash.
Thunder R4 PRO SR Z7 Only available in the Taiwan, Chinese, Indonesian & Japan Version. It's designed to be completely dominant over most Kart and even Saber.

The karts are categorized by common engine models. Currently, the latest addition to the line of engines was the HT engine, which features the Infinity booster. The Infinity booster prolongs the duration of the kart's starting booster, as well as increase the booster speed overall. As well, it features a crash-recovery technology, in which a part of the booster lost when the kart crashes during drifting is recovered, whereas in older engine models, it is lost completely.

In Korean version nowadays, C1 and E2 models had been removed since every riders are given 'Practise kart PRO'. Also, numerous real-life game models of vehicles have also been available to purchase from the in-game shop, such as the Mini Cooper SS, and Peugeot cars, which are removed nowadays as well.

There are special karts which have upgraded parts. These vehicles will give players an edge in Item Games.

Licensing and Ranking System[edit]


There is a licensing and ranking system depending on both player ability and length of time the game is played. Riders start unlicensed and then advance to higher ranks by attaining licenses from completing training courses.

Game Rooms[edit]

Each license stage corresponds to a separate game room which only players holding a certain license can play within. For example, if the player holds a "Rookie" License they are only able to play within the "R" room (players are able to play in the "R*" rooms if their glove is yellow). Players holding an L2 license are able to play within the "L2", "L3" or "R" rooms. However, the "J" rooms are only accessible to those who hold only a "Novice" License.

Playing in rooms which level is 2 levels lower than the player's License results in only receiving half of the Race Points (RP) and Lucci they would usually attain, and playing in a room with an even lower level results in receiving no RP nor Lucci at all. This system discourages high level players to play in lower level (e.g. Rookie) games where they are able to win more easily against less able players.

As the player attains more Licenses and moves to rooms with higher levels, his/her karts get faster and they get access to more tracks and items.

Glove Ranking[edit]

In order to qualify for license stage training courses, the player must reach a certain glove rank. Within Kart Rider, every player has a glove icon beside their nickname, which provides other users with an idea about their ability. Every player starts with a White glove and after many cumulative games, the number of fingers on this glove decreases, denoting longer play duration and ability. Each glove starts with five fingers and reduces down to one finger, before the next color glove is obtainable.

Note: The White glove changes to a Yellow glove after obtaining the Rookie License.

The color of gloves changes in the similar order of the change of belt colors of Tae Kwon Do (white->yellow->green->blue->red->black), and after that, a rainbow color.

Stars on gloves with finger skin showing appear after the normal ranking system. Then after the star gloves, there are just ordinary stars. The stars are the same as gloves. It has the same colors for the gloves, but the more stars the higher ranking. After the stars, there are medals. But medals are only one of each. So the ranking goes from white, yellow, green, blue, red, black, and then rainbow. Advancing glove ranking specifically depends on number of Race Points (RP) earned at the end of each race. A number of RP and Lucci (Korean: 루찌) are awarded to the player for their final position within a race if they qualify (i.e. finish within 10 seconds of the first player) in single player games, or in team games, every member of a winning team shares RP and Lucci whether or not an individual team member qualifies.

RP and Lucci are also gained through the use of certain driving characters, cars, or items that boost gain based on simple use or meeting a certain ranking at the checkered flag of a race. Also, additional bonuses are awarded to those playing the game in Korean internet cafes (Korean: PC방).

License Training Courses[edit]

'The training courses for obtaining a license usually consist of teaching the player new skills (e.g. types of drifting in Speed Play, or how to use certain items in Item Play) and once the player has shown proficient ability in that skill by way of a test play on specially designed maps, then they can move on to the next course, and the next course, until they finish all the courses. The last course usually involves a Time Attack against a pre-determined time set by the game creators (completing a map on Speed game type within a set amount of time).

These license training courses require the player to pay a certain number of Lucci in order to compete for a skill or time attack. These lucci are obtainable from qualifying from normal multiplayer races.

However, KartRider remove License Training Courses at Revolution Patch. Instead, Rider School has opened for filling License Training Courses' role.

License Levels are Rookie -> L3 -> L2 -> L1 [★ -> ★★ -> ★★★ -> Master].

In 2011, the license levels were replaced by the speeds. [S1,S2,S3]

In late 2011, Kartrider added a new speed S0.

In 2014, the name of channels were changed [Normal, Fast, So Fast, Fastest]

In late 2014, Kartrider canceled two channels in Speed Mode [Normal, Fastest]

In late 2014, Kartrider canceled two channels in Item Mode [Fast, So Fast]

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