Kartal-class fast attack craft

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Class overview
Name: Kartal class
Builders: Lürssen Werft, Bremen-Vegesack
Operators:  Turkish Naval Forces
In commission: 1977–
Completed: 8
Active: 4
Retired: 4
General characteristics
Type: Fast attack craft
Displacement: 206 long tons (209 t)
Length: 42.5 m (139 ft 5 in)
Beam: 7 m (23 ft 0 in)
Draught: 2.4 m (7 ft 10 in)
Speed: 42 knots (78 km/h; 48 mph)
Range: 700 nmi (1,300 km; 810 mi) at 35 kn (65 km/h; 40 mph)
Complement: 39
Sensors and
processing systems:
Decca 1226 navigation radar

The Kartal class is a class of fast attack missile and torpedo boats of the Turkish Navy.

The vessels of this class were built by Lürssen Werft in Germany, and were based on the Zobel class. However, unlike the Zobel class, which were armed with only torpedoes, the Kartal class are armed with missiles and torpedoes, and can carry up to four mines.

TCG Kartal was the first vessel of the class to be launched, but TCG Denizkuşu was the first to be delivered and commissioned. TCG Meltem sank after colliding with the Soviet training ship Khasan in 1985. Meltem was salvaged, but never repaired.[1]

List of boats[edit]

Pennant number Name Commissioned Fate
P-321 Denızkuşu 15 June 1968
P-322 Atmaca 28 July 1967
P-323 Şahın 19 July 1966
P-324 Kartal 25 July 1966
P-325 Meltem 25 October 1968 Sunk in collision 1985, salvaged
P-326 Pelıkan 17 December 1969
P-327 Albatros 7 February 1968
P-328 Şımşek 22 July 1970
P-329 Kasirga 23 October 1970

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