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Bolu 8207 nevit.jpg
Location Bolu Province, Turkey
Nearest city Bolu
Coordinates 40°40′10″N 31°47′10″E / 40.66944°N 31.78611°E / 40.66944; 31.78611 (Kartalkaya)
Vertical 1,210 m (3,969 ft)
Top elevation 2,255 m (7,398 ft)
Base elevation 1,850 m (6,069 ft)
Runs 14
Lift system 3 chairlifts, 7 surface lifts
Terrain parks 1
Website http://www.kartalkaya.org/

Kartalkaya is a ski resort located in the Köroğlu Mountains, in Bolu Province, Turkey.


Kartalkaya has suitable conditions for alpine skiing, ski touring and cross country skiing. It's much quieter and cheaper during the week because of weekend coaches from Istanbul and Ankara.

The duration of the skiing season is 120 days a year, between December 20 and March 20.

The nearest city is Bolu, 54 km (33 mi) away. Kartalkaya is located 4 hours away from the Esenboğa International Airport, in Ankara, and 6 hours away from the Atatürk International Airport or Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, in Istanbul, by bus.


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