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Kārte Seh (Third Quarter) is a neighbourhood in western Kabul, Afghanistan, primed to become Kabul's governmental hub. The area is also associated with Afghanistan's Shia Hazara minority. Karte Seh is also famous for being the site of the orphanage Aziza is sent to in Khaled Hosseini's novel A Thousand Splendid Suns.


The district is currently home to foreign missions such as the Russian and Polish embassies, TV stations and the American University of Afghanistan. Many local and international NGO's have offices there. A major road, funded by the United Arab Emirates, is currently under construction in the district. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the Red Cross, CURE International and the IAM have all established hospitals in the area, along the arterial Darulaman Road.[1]


Coordinates: 34°30′N 69°08′E / 34.500°N 69.133°E / 34.500; 69.133