Karula National Park

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Kalia Rout (Kalia Rout)
Protected Area
Karula RP2.JPG
Karula National Park
Country Estonia
Coordinates 57°42′52″N 26°29′12″E / 57.71444°N 26.48667°E / 57.71444; 26.48667Coordinates: 57°42′52″N 26°29′12″E / 57.71444°N 26.48667°E / 57.71444; 26.48667
Area 123 km2 (47 sq mi)
Protected 1979
 - National park 1993
Karula National Park is located in Estonia
Karula National Park
Location within Estonia
Website: www.karularahvuspark.ee

Karula National Park is national park in southern Estonia. It was established in 1979 as a protected area and in 1993 became a national park. It is the smallest national park in Estonia.

Karula National Park is characterised by its hilly topography, its many lakes, the great biodiversity and traditional cultural landscape. The flora of the national park is rich, and includes several species red-listed in Estonia such as the Baltic orchid, mezereon and the daisyleaf grape fern; the latter is only found in three locations in Estonia and Karula is one of them. The fauna also incorporates unusual and threatened species, such as the pond bat, the lesser spotted eagle and the black stork. Mammals like elk, lynx and polecat are common.[1]

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