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Karuma is located in Uganda
Map of Uganda showing the location of Karuma.
Coordinates: 02°14′03″N 32°14′47″E / 2.23417°N 32.24639°E / 2.23417; 32.24639Coordinates: 02°14′03″N 32°14′47″E / 2.23417°N 32.24639°E / 2.23417; 32.24639
Country Uganda
Region Western Uganda
Sub-region Bunyoro sub-region
District Kiryandongo District
Elevation 1,000 m (3,000 ft)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Karuma is a town in Uganda. The name also applies to the point on the Victoria Nile, where the Karuma Falls are located.


The town of Karuma is located on the Kigumba-Gulu Highway, immediately south of the location where the highway, crosses the River Nile. This location lies in Kiryandongo District. Bunyoro sub-region, Western Uganda. Karuma is located approximately 110 kilometres (68 mi), by road, northeast of Masindi[1] and approximately 70 kilometres (43 mi), by road, south of Gulu.[2] Karuma is also the location of Karuma Power Station, the largest hydropower project in Uganda, with a planned capacity of 600 MW, whose construction is planned to start in May 2012.[3] The coordinates of Karuma are:2° 14' 3.00"N, 32° 14' 47.00"E (Latitude:2.234167; Longitude:32.246390).[4]


In March 2013, Ugandan print media reported that the national government was planning a large modern city to be constructed at the site of the current town, to include the site of the proposed Karuma Power Station, currently under construction.[5]

Points of interest[edit]

The following points of interest are found at or near Karuma:

  • Karuma Falls - A series of natural rock formations at the bottom of the Victoria Nile, at this location, cause the waters to ripple, giving the river a white foamy appearance.
  • The Gulu-Masindi Highway - The road crosses the river at this location.
  • Karuma Power Station - The largest hydropower project in Uganda to-date; with planned capacity of 600MW. Construction is expected to start in May 2012 and last 5.5 years.[3]

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