Karuma Falls

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Karuma Falls
Karuma Falls is located in Uganda
Karuma Falls
Karuma Falls
Map of Uganda showing the location of Karuma Falls.
Coordinates: 02°14′03″N 32°14′47″E / 2.23417°N 32.24639°E / 2.23417; 32.24639Coordinates: 02°14′03″N 32°14′47″E / 2.23417°N 32.24639°E / 2.23417; 32.24639
RegionWestern Region
Sub-regionBunyoro sub-region
DistrictKiryandongo District
1,000 m (3,000 ft)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Karuma Falls is a town in Uganda.


Karuma Falls is on the Kampala–Gulu Highway, immediately south of where the highway crosses the River Nile. Karuma Falls is approximately 97 kilometres (60 mi), by road, northeast of Masindi[1] and approximately 77 kilometres (48 mi), by road, south of Gulu, the largest city in Northern Uganda.[2]

Karuma Falls is the location of Karuma Power Station, the largest hydropower project in Uganda with a planned capacity of 600 megawatts.[3] The coordinates of Karuma Falls are 2° 14' 3.00"N, 32° 14' 47.00"E (latitude: 2.234167; longitude: 32.246390).[4] The average elevation is about 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) above sea level.[5]


In March 2013, Ugandan print media reported that the national government was planning a large modern city to be constructed at the site of the current town, to include the site of the proposed Karuma Power Station currently under construction.[6]

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The following additional points of interest are found at or near Karuma Falls:

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