Karuppusamy Kuththagaithaarar

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Karuppusamy Kuththagaithaarar
Directed by A. Govindamoorthy
Produced by Sethu
Vinoth Gohiya
Written by A. Govindamoorthy
Starring Karan
Music by Dhina
Cinematography J. Sridhar
Edited by S. Shathish
Release date
  • 14 May 2007 (2007-05-14)
Country India
Language Tamil

Karuppusamy Kuththagaithaarar is a 2007 Indian Tamil masala film written and directed by A. Govindamoorthy. The film earned mixed reviews and had an average run at the box office. Song lyrics are penned by Yugabharathi and Vijay Sagar.


Karuppusamy (Karan) is a happy-go-lucky guy who is a small-time contractor for cycle stands. When not at work, he kills time with his friends, taking part in their mimicry troupe where he is famous for his Rajini look-alike acts. Life goes on for the protagonist until Raasathi (Meenakshi) stumbles upon his life. An aspiring medical student, she relates Karuppusamy’s benevolence to her late mother’s. Soon after, they both become victims of the stupid cupid’s bait.

Although in love with the uncle, Karuppusamy insists that education should be her priority over romance. Besides, their love affair wreaks havoc in Raasathi’s upper caste family, which is known for cast prejudices. With a family to resist and her education to pay attention to, Raasathi finds it tough to get along. Finally, a seamless climax tells it all as to how the couple manages to pull it off against all the odds, predominantly Raasathi’s family.



  • Naalu Gopura (Yugabharathi)
  • Oorellam (Yugabharathi)
  • Uppu Kallu (Yugabharathi)
  • Sangam Vaithu (Yugabharathi)
  • Kaadhal enbathu (Vijay Sagar)
  • Karuppan Varuvan (Yugabharathi)