Higher Education Institute of Karwan

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Higher Education Institute of Karwan
کاروان د لوړو زده كړو موسسه
Established 2008
Chancellor Professor Abdul Shukor
Chairman and Founder Sayed Javed Andish
Location Kabul, Afghanistan
Nickname Karwan University
Website http://www.karwan.edu.af

Higher Education Institute of Karwan (HEIK), or simply as Karwan University, (Pashto: کاروان د لوړو زده كړو موسسه‎) is a degree-awarding tertiary educational institution in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was founded in 2008 and is registered with the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education.


Karwan Institute of higher Education is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan in the late 2009, it officially became a college or a university. Its founder is Sayed Javed Andish, who is also the head of Education Committee of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.[1]

Departments and programs[edit]

Karwan University offers bachelor's degree in BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), Economics, Law, Political Science, and Computer Science. It also offers diplomas in Accounting, Executive DBA (Diploma in Business Administration), Information Technology, English Language, literacy and Civil Engineering.

Karwan University under the title of Higher Education Institute of Karwan and its abbreviation is HEIK commenced delivery of Economics, BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), Computer Science, Law and Political Science undergraduate courses. Karwan University was helped by foreign educated afghan friends and well wishers interim of getting foreign recognition for this private university. Karwan has been registered with Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.

Key people[edit]

  • Chancellor: Professor Abdul Shukor (ML)
  • Academic Assistant: Professor Abdul Badi (Phd)
  • Chairman and Founder: Sayed Javed Andish
  • Operational Manager: Samiullah Rahmati
  • Security Officer: Jan Mohammad
  • Finance Manager: Fazil Rahim

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