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View of the northeastern part of the Karwendel (Location: Blue Mountains)
Highest point
Peak Birkkarspitze
Elevation 2,749 m (9,019 ft)
Coordinates 47°24′41″N 11°26′15″E / 47.41139°N 11.43750°E / 47.41139; 11.43750
Countries Austria and Germany
Range coordinates 47°25′N 11°28′E / 47.42°N 11.47°E / 47.42; 11.47Coordinates: 47°25′N 11°28′E / 47.42°N 11.47°E / 47.42; 11.47
Parent range Northern Limestone Alps

The Karwendel is the largest range of the Northern Limestone Alps. Four chains stretch from west to east; in addition, there are a number of fringe ranges and an extensive promontory in the north.

The term Karwendel describes the part of the Alps between the Isar and Inn rivers and the Achensee.

Hermann von Barth created the tradition of naming the ranges after the valley limiting them in the south: Karwendel Valley, Hinterau Valley and Vomper Loch, Gleiersch Valley, Hall Valley, Inn Valley: Northern Karwendel Chain, Hinterautal-Vomper Chain (a.k.a. main Karwendel Range), Gleiersch-Halltal Chain and Nordkette (a.k.a. Solstein Range or Inn Valley Range). Side ranges are the Erlspitze Group, Soiern Group and Vorkarwendel, Falken Group, Gamsjoch Group and Sonnjoch Group.


There are 125 peaks in the Karwendel that reach heights of over 2,000 metres. The most important are listed below together with some notable peaks between 1,800 and 2,000 metres high.

The Northern Karwendel viewed from Wetterstein

Alpine huts[edit]

In the Karwendel, of the 21 Alpine huts, 18 are run by the German or Austrian Alpine Clubs:

  • Aspach Hut (OeAV Innsbruck)
  • Bettelwurf Hut (OeAV Innsbruck)
  • Brunnstein Hut (DAV Mittenwald)
  • Dammkar Hut (private)
  • Falken Hut (DAV Oberland/Munich)
  • Hallerangerhaus (DAV Schwaben)
  • Hochland Hut (DAV Hochland/Munich)
  • Höttinger Alm (private)
  • Karwendelhaus (DAV Männer-Turnverein Munich)
  • Krinner Kofler Hut (DAV Mittenwald)
  • Lamsenjoch Hut (DAV Oberland/Munich)
  • Magdeburger Hut (new) (DAV Geltendorf)
  • Mittenwalder Hut (DAV Mittenwald)
  • Nördlinger Hut (DAV Nördlingen)
  • Pfeis Hut (OeAV Innsbruck)
  • Pleisen Hut (private)
  • Rotwandl Hut (DAV Neuland/Munich)
  • Seewald Hut (DAV Achensee)
  • Soiernhaus (DAV Hochland/Munich)
  • Solsteinhaus (OeAV Innsbruck)
  • Tölzer Hut (DAV Bad Tölz)

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