Kas Oosterhuis

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Kas Oosterhuis
Born 1951
Amersfoort, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Known for Architecture
Movement Hyper architecture, Digitecture
Awards Dutch Design Prize, National Steel Prize, Funda Award, Proholz Prize, Business Week/Architectural Record Award, Zeeuwse Architectuurprijs, OCÉBNA Prize for industrial Architecture

Kas Oosterhuis is professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, as well as director of Hyperbody and the Protospace Laboratory for Collaborative Design and Engineering. His teaching and research is in the areas of interactive architecture, real time behaviour of buildings and environments, living building concepts, collaborative design, file to factory production and parametric design.

Born in 1951 in Amersfoort, Kas Oosterhuis studied architecture at the Delft University of Technology. Afterwards, he taught as unit master at the AA in London. From there, he worked and lived one year in the former studio of Theo van Doesburg in Paris, together with visual artist Ilona Lénárd. In 1989, he founded Kas Oosterhuis Architekten in Rotterdam (renamed to Oosterhuis Lénárd, or ONL, in 2004). Since 2000, Oosterhuis has been professor of digital design methods at the Delft University of Technology in Netherlands.



  • 2007 Dutch Design Prize [Cockpit in Acoustic Barrier]
  • 2007 National Steel Prize [Cockpit in Acoustic Barrier]
  • 2007 Mies van der Rohe award nomination [Cockpit in Acoustic Barrier]
  • 2006 Funda Award [Hessing Cockpit in Acoustic Barrier]
  • 2005 Proholz Prize, Austria [Schmetterling Wingman]
  • 2002 European Aluminium Award nomination [TT Monument and Web of North*Holland]
  • 1999 Mies van der Rohe award nomination [Saltwaterpavilion]
  • 1999 National Steelprize nomination [Saltwaterpavilion]
  • 1998 Business Week / Architectural Record Award [Garbagetransferstation Elhorst/ Vloedbelt]
  • 1998 Zeeuwse Architectuurprijs [Saltwaterpavilion]
  • 1996 OCÉBNA Prize for industrial architecture [Garbagetransferstation Elhorst/ Vloedbelt]
  • 1996 National Steelprize honorable mention [Garbagetransferstation Elhorst/ Vloedbelt]



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  • 2006 ONL monography, Images publishers Australia
  • 2006 ONL Hyperbody Logic, AADCU publisher, Beijing, China
  • 2006 GameSetandMatch II, Episode Publisher
  • 2004 BCN Speed and Friction, ESARQ Barcelona
  • 2004 Gamesetandmatch, TU Delft
  • 2003 hyperbodies towards an e*motive architecture Birkhäuser Verlag
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  • 2001 Emotive Architecture Inaugural Speech, Faculty of Architecture TU Delft
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  • 1995 sculpture city book+cd rom 010 publishers
  • 1990 the open volume wiederhall 12



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