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Province du Kasaï Central
Location of Kasaï-Central
Coordinates: 5°54′S 22°27′E / 5.900°S 22.450°E / -5.900; 22.450Coordinates: 5°54′S 22°27′E / 5.900°S 22.450°E / -5.900; 22.450
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Named forKasai River
 • GovernorJohn Kabeya Shikayi[1]
 • Total59,111 km2 (22,823 sq mi)
 • Rank19th
 • Total3,317,000
 • Rank8th
 • Density56/km2 (150/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (Central Africa Time)
License Plate CodeDemocratic Republic of the Congo CGO / 15
Official languageFrench
National languageTshiluba
Pineapple farming near Kananga

Kasaï-Central is one of the 21 new provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo created in the 2015 repartitioning. Kasaï-Central and Kasaï provinces are the result of the dismemberment of the former Kasaï-Occidental province.[2] Kasaï-Central was formed from the Lulua district and the independently administered city of Kananga which retained its status as a provincial capital.

The new province's territory corresponds to the historic Luluabourg Province which existed in the early period after independence between 1963 and 1966.

Within this province, there are 5 territories which are named:

  1. Demba 4. Kazumba
  2. Dibaya 5. Luiza
  3. Dimbelenge

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