Kasagh (river)

Coordinates: 40°06′28″N 44°14′16″E / 40.10778°N 44.23778°E / 40.10778; 44.23778
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The Kasagh in Ashtarak
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
40°06′28″N 44°14′16″E / 40.10778°N 44.23778°E / 40.10778; 44.23778
Basin features
ProgressionMetsamorArasKuraCaspian Sea
Kasagh waterfall
Kasagh river and its basin (orange) within Armenia

Kasagh (Armenian: Քասաղ) is a river in the west-central region of modern Armenia which flows north to south. It originates near Mount Aragats in Aragatsotn province, flows south into Armavir province and into the Metsamor, which itself is a tributary of the Aras.[1][2][3]

Sites along the river[edit]

From north to south:


The Kasagh canyon at Hovhannavank monastery

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