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Kasha varnishkas

Kashe varnishkes (sometimes Americanized as kasha varnishkas) is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish that combines kasha (buckwheat groats) with noodles, typically farfalle (bow-tie pasta).

Buckwheat groats (gretshkes/greytshkelach or retshkes/reytshkelach in Yiddish) are prepared separately from, and then fried together with, lokshen (noodles) and tsvibelach (onions) in schmaltz (poultry fat). Sometimes briye (chicken or beef stock) is used in the preparation.[1]


Kasha varnishkes are part of Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine. Jews from Eastern Europe brought the food to America and it is widely popular in the American Jewish community.[1]

The name varnishkes seems to be a Yiddish corruption of the Russian varenichki (varenichki, stuffed dumplings). A recipe from 1925 shows kashe-filled dumplings, rather than the simpler kashe with farfalle.[2]

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