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Kashima Rinkai Railway

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A Kashima Rinkai Railway KiHa 6000 series diesel railcar

The Kashima Rinkai Railway (鹿島臨海鉄道, Kashima Rinkai Tetsudō, "Kashima Seaside Railway") is a railway company in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The third sector company is abbreviated as KRT. It was founded in 1969 to transport freight to and from the coastal industrial area of Kashima.



The company was founded on 1 April 1969.[1]

On 12 November 1970, the company opened the freight-only line between Kita-Kashima (present-day Kashima Soccer Stadium) and Okunoyahama.[1] On 14 March 1985, the company opened the passenger line from Mito to Kashima Soccer Stadium.[1]

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