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Kashima Rinkai Railway Ōarai Kashima Line
Kashima rinkai Railway-kiha6000.JPG
A Kashima Rinkai Railway 6000 series diesel railcar in August 2007
Native name 鹿島臨海鉄道大洗鹿島線
Locale Ibaraki Prefecture
Termini Mito
Kashima Soccer Stadium
Opened 14 March 1985
Owner Kashima Rinkai Tetsudo
Depot(s) None
Line length 53.0 km (32.9 mi)
Number of tracks Single
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Minimum radius 500 m
Electrification None
Operating speed 80 km/h (50 mph)[1]

The Kashima Rinkai Railway Ōarai Kashima Line (鹿島臨海鉄道大洗鹿島線, Kashima Rinkai Tetsudō Ōarai Kashima-sen) is a 53.0 km Japanese railway line in Ibaraki Prefecture, which connects Mito Station in Mito with Kashima Soccer Stadium Station in Kashima. It is owned and run by the third-sector railway operating company Kashima Rinkai Tetsudo (KRT).


Line Station Japanese Between (km) Distance (km) Transfers Location
Ōarai Kashima Mito 水戸 - 0.0 Jōban Line
Suigun Line
Higashi-Mito 東水戸 3.8 3.8  
Tsunezumi 常澄 4.5 8.3  
Ōarai 大洗 3.3 11.6   Ōarai
Hinuma 涸沼 6.4 18.0   Hokota
Kashima-Asahi 鹿島旭 4.8 22.8  
Tokushuku 徳宿 3.9 26.7  
Shin-Hokota 新鉾田 4.3 31.0  
Kitaurakohan 北浦湖畔 3.9 34.9  
Taiyō 大洋 4.1 39.0  
Kashimanada 鹿島灘 4.1 43.1   Kashima
Kashima-Ōno 鹿島大野 3.0 46.1  
Chōjagahama Shiosai Hamanasu Kōenmae 長者ヶ浜潮騒はまなす公園前 2.3 48.4  
Kōyadai 荒野台 1.7 50.1  
Kashima Soccer Stadium 鹿島サッカースタジアム 2.9 53.0 Kashima Rinkō Line
Kashima Line
Kashima-Jingū 鹿島神宮 3.2 - Kashima Line

Rolling stock[edit]

As of 1 April 2015, passenger services on the line were operated by a fleet of 19 6000 series diesel railcars, numbered 6001 to 6019, as well as a two-car 7000 series diesel multiple unit (DMU) train owned by Ibaraki Prefecture and reserved for special event services.[2] The railway also operates three diesel locomotives: Class KRD locomotive number KRD 5 and two Class KRD64 locomotives, KRD64-1 and KRD64-2.[2]

The first of a new fleet of 8000 series diesel cars was scheduled to be introduced on the line, replacing the 6000 series cars, with the first unit due to enter revenue service from 26 March 2016.[3]


The line opened on 14 March 1985 between Mito and Kita-Kashima (now Kashima Soccer Stadium) stations.[1]

Freight operations over the line commenced from 1 November 1989, but were discontinued from 16 March 1996.[1]

Wanman driver-only operation began on the line from 1 April 2001.[1]


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