Kashinath Ghanekar

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Kashinath Ghanekar
Born Kashinath Ghanekar
(1940-Missing required parameter 1=month!-00)Missing required parameter 1=month! , 1940
Died March 2, 1986(1986-03-02)
Occupation Theatre, Movie Actor

Irawati Bhide (Div)

Kanchan Ghanekar (1983- till his death)

Kashinath Ghanekar (1940-2 March 1986[1][2]) was a famous stage actor and dental surgeon [3] who also appeared in Marathi films[4] in the 1960s. In addition to Marathi stage and movies, he appeared in Hindi movies such as Abhilasha opposite Nanda and Dadi Maa where he played the role of the son of Ashok Kumar and Bina Roy. He died at an early age on account of a massive heart attack while touring the rural parts of Maharashtra on a drama tour.[5]

The role that made him a popular actor was that of Sambhaji in the play "Raigadhala Jevha Jaag Yete" (When Raigad awakens) written by the playwright, Vasant Kanetkar. Some of noted plays he acted in are - Ithe Oshalala Mrityun, Ashrunchi Jhali Fule, Garambicha Bapu, Anandi Gopal, Shitu, Tujhe Aahe Tujpashi, Sundar Mi Honar, Madhumanjiri etc. [6]

The film Madhuchandra (in 1967) made Ghanekar, a noted stage actor, a major Marathi film star.[7]


He was once married to the now Irawati M. Bhide,[8] a gynecologist and obstetrician.[9] His first marriage was childless and ended in divorce. He subsequently married a much younger Kanchan, the daughter of Marathi actress Sulochana who has penned a biography titled "Nath Ha Maza".[10]


Year Film
1953 Dharm Patni
1960 Pathlaag
1964 Maratha Tituka Melvava
1966 Daadi Maa
1967 Madhuchandra
1968 Ekati
1968 Preet Shikva Mala
1968 Abhilasha
1970 Deo Manus
1971 Ajab Tuze Sarkar
1971 Zep
1976 Ha Khel Savalyancha


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