Kashira Power Plant

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Kashira Power Plant
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Kashira Power Plant is located in Russia
Kashira Power Plant
Location of Kashira Power Plant in Russia
Official name Kashirskaya GRES named after G.M. Krzhizhanovsky
Каширская ГРЭС имени Г. М. Кржижановского
Country Russia
Location Kashira-2
Coordinates 54°51′29″N 38°15′35″E / 54.8580555656°N 38.2597222322°E / 54.8580555656; 38.2597222322Coordinates: 54°51′29″N 38°15′35″E / 54.8580555656°N 38.2597222322°E / 54.8580555656; 38.2597222322
Status Operational
Commission date 4 June 1922
Owner(s) OGK-1
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Secondary fuel Natural gas
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 330 MW
5 x 300 MW
1 x 80 MWt (heat)
Thermal capacity 80 MWt
CHP heating capacity 533 MWt[1]
Nameplate capacity 1,830 MW (electrical)
80 MWt (heating)
Annual output 8,262 GW·h

Kashira Power Plant is a coal-fired power plant at Kashira in Moscow Oblast, Russia. Its first unit was commissioned in 1922 with a power capacity of 110 MW. As of today, it has an installed power capacity of 1,910 MW and consists of 6 units. Double units 1 and 2 have capacity of 300 MW, and single units 4, 5 have capacity of 300 MW each, unit 6 has capacity of 330 MW. In addition, unit 7 has thermal capacity of 80 MW.

In 1951 a HVDC link with 30 MW built from the components of Elbe-Project to Moscow was built. However it is not in service any more. The power plant has an interesting feature as one of its two main chimneys serves as electricity pylon.

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