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VCD cover
Directed by Rajiv Anchal
Produced by Menaka
Written by A. K. Sajan
Starring Suresh Gopi
Priya Raman
Lalu Alex
Music by M.G. Radhakrishnan
S.P. Venkatesh
Cinematography Saloo George
Edited by N. Gopalakrishnan
Release date
Country India
Language Malayalam

Kashmeeram is a 1994 Malayalam film by Rajiv Anchal starring Suresh Gopi, Ratheesh, Priya Raman and Lalu Alex. It was dubbed and released in Telugu as New Delhi.


The film starts with NSG Officer Shyam (Suresh Gopi) arresting a terrorist nicknamed Jagmohan Pandey. Usha Varma (Sharada), the judge of the case happens to be the sister of the Indian Home Secretary Rajan Varma (Lalu Alex). In retaliation to the arrest, the terrorists kill Unni, Usha's son. Following this incident the government enlists Z Category protection for Justice Usha Varma and her family. Rajan Varma and Balram (Ratheesh) decide to give the assignment to the Black Cat Commando Team under Shyam's command. Shyam kills Usha's daughter Manasi's (Priya Raman) boyfriend Nathuram (Madhupal) when he was trying to trespass her home and so they start hating Shyam. Manasi does not know that her boyfriend was part of the terrorist group planning to kill Usha. Nathuram had been lying that he is based from France, while in reality, he was working with the terrorist group. The terrorists led by Abbas Qureshi later kidnap Manasi and she understands the truth. After Manasi's kidnap and learning about her son's assassination, Usha Varma requests Shyam's help to keep her alive until she reads the verdict in Pandey's case at the Supreme Court. Later during the exchange for Manasi's release Shyam infiltrates the terrorist hideout as Pandey along with plenty of other officers. While Pandey manages to kill Balram, Shyam finishes off both Pandey and Abbas Qureshi. The Varma family thanks him for his help, and Manasi apologizes for her hatred towards him.



The film's soundtrack contains 4 songs, all composed by M. G. Radhakrishnan with lyrics by Gireesh Puthenchery.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Masthikiye Rath" Malgudi Subha, Murali Krishna
2 "Novumidanenchil" M. G. Sreekumar
3 "Poru Nee Vaarilam(F)" K. S. Chitra
4 "Poru Nee Vaarilam(M)" M. G. Sreekumar

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