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The Kashmir type of cat is not recognized as its own breed by many cat fancier and breeder organizations, being usually more of a label of a coat type: semi-long-haired to long-haired, and grey or brown. The variety is essentially a solid-colored Himalayan, and has been the subject of much disagreement. They were originally born in litters of Himalayans and have been bred to each other to create pure coats with rich lilac to chocolate colors.

Some organizations feel that all Himalayans must have point coloration, and thus disqualify Kashmirs.The British consider the Himalayan a form of the Persian, so Kashmirs are also considered Persians in the UK, when recognized at all. Organizations that do not recognize the variety as valid under any conformation rules may simply consider it a colour-point domestic long-haired cat (not a formal breed).


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