Kashmir Crown Bakeries

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Kashmir Crown Bakeries
Industry Food processing
Founded 1970 (1970), Yorkshire, England
Founder Mohammed Saleem
Headquarters Bradford, United Kingdom
Area served
Products savoury snacks, cakes, dairy products, breakfast cereals, confectionery, rusk, ice cream
Website http://www.kashmircrownbakeries.com/

Kashmir Crown Bakeries (KCB) is a food making business based in Bradford.[1] The company is a major local employer and claims to be the largest Asian Food Manufacturer in Europe.[2]

KCB claims to be the pioneers of the Kashmir mix and the Karachi mix, Pakistani named savoury snacks which are comparable to the Bombay mix.[3]

Food products are sold to retailers, wholesalers and local stores. KCB supply Tesco and the Co-op with a wide range of Asian snacks. The company has a distribution network spanning Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Norway.[2]


In February 2016, Kashmir Crown Bakeries was awarded the Business of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.[4]

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