Kashubian Unity Day

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Zrzeszenie Kaszubsko-Pomorskie.jpg
Kashubian Ethnic Park at Wdzydze Kiszewskie

Kashubian Unity Day (Kashubian: Dzéń Jednotë Kaszëbów, Polish: Dzień Jedności Kaszubów) - is an annual festival celebrated every March 19 to commemorate the first historical written mention of Kashubians, in Pope Gregory IX's Bull of March 19, 1238. In this bull, the Pope referred to Prince Bogislaw I of Pomerania (d. 1187) as duce Cassubie (duke of Kashubia).

Sponsored and coordinated by the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association, the annual Kashubian Unity Day is designed to promote Kashubian culture. It includes folk art fairs, exhibitions, crafts, and a tournament of the traditional Kashubian card game, "Baszka." Another, newer, feature is the competition to better the world record for the number of people simultaneously playing the accordion.[1] Kashubian Unity Day is also noted for its use of social media to promote the event,[2] and its Facebook page is a very useful source for both festival information and news pertaining to Kashubian life and culture.[3]

Since 2005, Kashubian Unity Day has been held in the following locations:

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