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The earlier version of Kashubian alphabet, which dates back to 1850

The Kashubian alphabet (kaszëbsczi alfabét, kaszëbsczé abecadło) is the script of the Kashubian language, based on the Latin alphabet. The Kashubian alphabet consists of 34 letters:

A, Ą, Ã, B, C, D, E, É, Ë, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, Ł, M, N, Ń, O, Ò, Ó, Ô, P, R, S, T, U, Ù, W, Y, Z, Ż

The Kashubian language also use some digraphs: ch, cz, dz, , rz and sz. The digraphs cz, , sz, ż are pronounced in a different manner from their Polish counterparts – they are postalveolar, not retroflex – but "rz" is pronounced exactly the same as in Polish.


Upper case Lower case Pronunciation
A a [a]
Ą ą [õ], [ũ]
à ã [ã]

[ɛ̃] (Puck County, Wejherowo County)

B b [b]
C c [ts]
D d [d]
E e [ɛ]
É é [e]

[ɨj] in some dialects [i]/[ɨ] from Puck to Kartuzy [ɨ] at the end of a word

Ë ë [ə]
F f [f]
G g [ɡ]
H h [x]
I i [i]
J j [j]
K k [k]
L l [l]
Ł ł [w]
M m [m]
N n [n]
Ń ń [ɲ]


O o [ɔ]
Ò ò [wɛ]
Ó ó [o]

[u] (southern dialects)

Ô ô [ɞ]

[ɛ] (western dialects) [ɔ] (Wejherowo County) [o]/[u] (southern dialects)

P p [p]
R r [r]
S s [s]
T t [t]
U u [u]
Ù ù [wu]
W w [v]
Y y [i]
Z z [z]
Ż ż [ʒ]

Consonants combination[edit]

Upper case Lower case Pronunciation
Ch ch [x]
Cz cz [tʃ]
Dz dz [dz]
Rz rz [ʐ]
Sz sz [ʃ]


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