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Location of Kashubia in Poland

Kashubian studies, a branch of Slavic studies, is a philological discipline researching the language, literature, culture, and history of the Kashubians.

The main centre for development of Kashubian studies is the University of Gdańsk[1], Poland - since 2014 Kashubian Ethno-Philology Studies at Gdańsk University. Since 2009, the Institute of Polish Language and Literature at the university has operated a teaching specialisation: teaching of Polish and Kashubian language and culture studies (Kashubian studies) within its Polish studies program. It is in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 1 a (i), b (i), c (i), d (iii), e (ii) of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages,[1] which is in force in Poland,[2] and concerns the opportunity to learn regional languages at all levels, from preschool to university.


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