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Kasmah Booty in 1952 Singapore.

Kasma Booty (1932 – June 1, 2007) was a Malaysian actress and film star. She was dubbed as "Elizabeth Taylor of Malaysia."[1]

Personal life[edit]

She was born Kasmah Abdullah in Kisaran, North Sumatra, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia).[1] She was of Dutch and Javanese descent.[1] She began her acting and film career at the early agae of 15.[1] She ultimately changed her name to Kasma Booty after marrying her husband, Booty Jacobs.[1] The couple had four children - Cempaka, Asmara, Purnama (her youngest child), and Suria, who is also deceased.[1]

Film career[edit]

Kasma Booty and P. Ramlee, 1955.

She began her film career by acting in a number of films produced by Shaw Brothers.[1] Her movies at Shaw Brothers included Cempaka (1947) and Noor Asmara (1949).[1]

Booty next moved to the Cathay Keris Studio in Singapore[1] before moving to the Merdeka Studio in Hulu Kelang, Malaysia in the 1960s.[1]

Kasma Booty received the Merak Kayangan award for veteran, long time film stars at the seventh annual Malaysian Film Festival in 1987.[1] She also was awarded the Jury Award at the 35th annual Asia Pacific Film Festival in 1990.[1]


Kasma Booty suffered from a number of medical conditions in her later years, including heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and pneumonia.[1] She was admitted to Ampang Hospital, located in the suburb of Ampang near Kuala Lumpur, on May 13, 2007,[1] after complaining of shortness of breath due to pneumonia.[1] While hospitalized she asked to visit the Cameron Highlands and Pulau Besar in Melaka.[1] Unfortunately, she was unable to leave the hospital due to her illness. According to an interview with her granddaughter, Jeng Riema Booty Purnama, Booty had been well enough to eat some of her favorite foods in the hospital such as lontong, kentang putar and nasi kandar.,[1][2]

Booty died at 2 AM on June 1, 2007 of pneumonia surrounded by her children. She was 75.[1] She left behind 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.[1] Kasma was buried at Kampung Klang Gate cemetery.[1]


  • Shaw Brothers Studios [1]
    • Cempaka (1947)
    • Pisau Berachun (1948)
    • Noor Asmara (1949)
    • Rachun Dunia (1950)
    • Bakti (1950)
    • Dewi Murni (1950)
    • Sejoli (1951)
    • Juwita (1951)
    • Manusia (1951)
  • Cathay Keris Studio [1]
    • Mahsuri (1958)
  • Merdeka Studio[1]
    • Keris Sempena Riau (1961)
    • Selendang Merah (1962)
    • Siti Payung (1962)
    • Ratapan Ibu (1962)
    • Tangkap Basah (1963)
    • Anak Manja (1963)
    • Ragam P. Ramlee (1965)
    • Damak (1967)


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