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Kasmar block is one of the nine administrative blocks of Bokaro district, Jharkhand state, India. Present BDO: Sri Santosh Kumar

Lady Supervisors: Srimati Laxmi Kumari ,Srimati Pushpa Singh and Dr Kanti Kumari


The origin of the famous 'Garga' river of Bokaro is from 'Kalaundi Baandh' of Kasmar. The history of the name Kasmar and Garga is as follows : The famous Garg Rishi (saint) used to stay here in his Ashrama. And the river Garga was originated by himself with the grace of god. It was the time when the whole country was fed up of the oppression of the notorious king 'Kansa' (maternal uncle of Shri Krishna, a Hindu deity) of Mathura during the time of 'Mahabharata' war. So the great Maharishi Garg decided to sacrifice 'yajna' in order to kill 'Kansa'. Due to that the name of the place became Kansmar (to kill 'Kansa'). But as the time passed the name of the place became 'Kasmar' from 'Kansmar'.The work of this block has really gone through many difficulties and is now one of the most rated blocks of Bokaro Steel City.the BDO and Supervisors have really worked hard for the welfare of the villages under it and also for the development of the block.The most appreciable work has been done by the block PRAMUKH and the hard working supervisors like Laxmi Kumari.