Kasper Salin Prize

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Kasper Salin Prize
Bronze plaque of the 2005 winner
Awarded forSwedish building or group of buildings "of high architectural quality"
Presented byArchitects Sweden (Sveriges Arkitekter)
First awarded1962; 62 years ago (1962)
Last awarded2020
Currently held byThe House of Culture, Stockholm

The Kasper Salin Prize (Swedish: Kasper Salin-priset) is a prize awarded annually by Architects Sweden (Sveriges Arkitekter) to a Swedish building or building project "of high architectural quality". It is considered the most prestigious architectural prize in the country[citation needed] and has been awarded since 1962. The award is distributed to the building itself and consists of a bronze relief, designed by Swedish architect Bengt Lindroos (1918–2010), which is attached to the building. The prize was funded on the basis of a donation from Kasper Salin (1856–1919) who served as the city architect of Stockholm from 1898 until 1915.[1][2]

A satirical version of the award, Kasper Kalkon, was created by Architectural Uprising.[3]


Several years (1965, 1973, 1990, 2004) have seen two winners, and no prize was awarded in 1976.[4][5][6]


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