Kasprowy Wierch

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Kasprowy Wierch
Kasprov vrch
Kasper Peak
20161001 Widok ze Świnicy 1664.jpg
View of Kasprowy Wierch and Giewont from Świnica peak
Highest point
Elevation1,987 m (6,519 ft)
Coordinates49°13′55″N 19°58′55″E / 49.23194°N 19.98194°E / 49.23194; 19.98194
Kasprowy Wierch is located in Poland
Kasprowy Wierch
Kasprowy Wierch
Location in Poland
LocationPoland and Slovakia
Parent rangeWestern Tatras
First ascentFirst winter tourist ascent by Poles: Klemens Bachleda and Karol Potkański [pl] in c. 1890

Kasprowy Wierch (Polish pronunciation: [kasˈprɔvɨ ˈvjɛrx]; Slovak; Kasprov vrch; sometimes in English: Kasper Peak)[1] is a peak of a long crest (ridgeline) in the Western Tatras one of Poland's main winter ski areas. Its dominant southern crests, WSW and ESE, mark the border with Slovakia. It is accessible in most conditions by foot and daily by cablecar.


The mountain is at the crossroads of four crests, two of which coincide with footpaths, incorporating steps, bounding Poland and Slovakia and in times without snow the steep paths heading into both countries south and north are quite easily traversable. The slight apex of the four steep crests (peak itself) is just north of the border, which is deemed to be a straight line relative to the two dominant ridges. In political geography as both countries are part of the Schengen zone, crossing is not controlled or forbidden. Users of the cable car change cars midway in their ascent/descent, at mount Myślenicke Turnie. At the top station is a large restaurant/cafe/information office building with further ski lifts outside.

Cable cars and chairlifts[edit]

The cable cars are extremely popular and tourists regularly have to wait up to 3 hours to buy tickets - roughly the same time it would take to ascend the mountain on foot. The cable car service has caused environmental concerns and protests in 1935 and 2006.

In 1961-1962 and in 1967-1968 chairlifts were built on the slopes and they run in two sections.


From 1910 onwards Kasprowy Wierch became very popular among ski tourists so much so an aerial tramway or téléphérique, reaching almost to the summit, was built between 1935-1936 as such it is one of the oldest in Europe. As part of its modernization, the cabin aerial ropeway was closed for a period until December 2007. In 1938 meteorological and astronomical observatories were built here. One of the faint Kordylewski clouds, at or circling the L4 and L5 librations points of the moon, was first photographed here by Kazimierz Kordylewski in 1961.


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