Kassandra (telenovela)

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Logo kassandra.jpg
Genre Drama, Romance
Developed by RCTV International
Written by Delia Fiallo
Directed by Grazio D'Angelo
Olegario Barrera
Starring Coraima Torres
Osvaldo Ríos
Henry Soto
Theme music composer Jose Antonio Bordell
Opening theme Kassandra
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 150
Executive producer(s) Omar Pin
Alberto Giarocco
Producer(s) Hernando Faria
Running time 60 minutes
Original network RCTV
Original release October 8, 1992 – May 11, 1993

Kassandra (1992–1993) is a Venezuelan telenovela, written by Delia Fiallo and directed by Grazio D'Angelo and Olegario Barrera, involving a gypsy maiden marrying into a rich family. She does not realize, however, that she is the granddaughter of the man in the house. Her husband is killed on her wedding night, and she is blamed for the murder.

Kassandra lasted 150 episodes between October 1992 and May 1993, and it achieved a significant amount of success outside Venezuela; it was extremely successful in its later airings in Italy, Russia, former Eastern Bloc nations, former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, as well as the Middle East, south and east Asia.

The 2005-2006 Televisa telenovela Peregrina is a remake of this show. This was the only Hispanic telenovela dubbed in Cebuano and Hiligaynon languages in Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines, aired by GMA Iloilo, Cebu and Davao.

The show was also remade in Russia in 2008 as Принцесса цирка (Princess of the Circus).


The action begins 20 years prior to the actual plot, when a travelling circus sets up on the outskirts of Caracas. Andreina Arocha, the daughter of a wealthy landowner, is awestruck by the clowns, the wild animals, and a Gypsy fortuneteller who relates wonderful things the future has in store. Unbeknownst to Andreina, the fortuneteller actually sees a tragic destiny for her and something mysterious forewarns that their paths will meet again. One year later when the circus returns, Andreina has died of a terminal illness after giving birth to a baby girl. At the same time, Andreina's stepmother, Herminia, an unscrupulous and overly-ambitious woman, discovers that a Gypsy from the circus and her newborn have died during childbirth. Herminia, who has twin sons from a previous marriage and wants them to be sole heirs to the Arocha fortune, plots a devious plan and carries it out with the help of a hired hand. One dark night, he follows Herminia's orders to exchange the infants. In the crib, the lifeless body of the infant Gypsy replaces Andreina's healthy child who in turn is given to the Gypsies. The next day, the circus packs up and leaves town.

Years go by. Finally, one day the circus returns and so does Kassandra, who has grown to be a beautiful young woman. According to Gypsy tradition, the woman who raised Kassandra, her supposed grandmother, promised her hand in matrimony when she was an infant to Randu, a rough young man who is now the leader of the tribe.

During the first night of the Gypsies' arrival to town, while Randu dances with his future wife, Kassandra's eyes wander to another man. Their eyes meet and become locked in a strong mutual attraction. The man who stares is Luis David, one of Herminia's twin sons. Later the two talk below the starry sky, in the loneliness of the mountainside where they share a magical moment. The following day however, Luis David leaves town without a word.

Not long after, his twin brother Ignacio discovers that Kassandra is the true heir to the Arocha fortune and he tricks her into marrying him. The first night of their fateful honeymoon, Ignacio is mysteriously killed by his ex-wife and maid Rosaura, but Kassandra thinks that he has left her. In an effort to discover his brother's assassin, Luis David returns and assumes Ignacio's identity. His suspicions fall on Kassandra, the beautiful young gypsy who knew her husband so briefly and who now believes that Luis David is her husband.


International Broadcast[edit]

 Spain Kassandra TVE-1 March 7, 1995 October 7, 2005 Monday to Friday 6:00 pm
 United States Kassandra Telemundo
November 9, 1992, June 4, 1993 Monday to Friday 1:00 pm
 Venezuela Kassandra RCTV October 8, 1992 May 11, 1993 Monday to Friday 10:00 pm
 Argentina Kassandra Telefe
Telecentro TV
May 16, 1994
February 14, 2000
February 18, 1995
October 20, 2000
Monday to Friday 3:00 pm
9:15 pm
 Paraguay Kassandra SNT
Channel 18
April 18, 1994
January 3, 2000
January 17, 1995
September 15, 2000
Monday to Friday 6:00 pm
10:00 pm
 Serbia Kasandra RTS 3 (Treći kanal) February 10, 1997 September 20, 1997 Monday to Friday 9:00 pm
 Indonesia Kassandra SCTV March 9, 1994
July 3, 1995
March 8, 1995
February 8, 1996
Monday to Friday
11:00 am
3:00 pm
 Philippines Kassandra ABS-CBN 1998 1999 Monday to Friday

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