Kasson Crooker

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Kasson Crooker
Also known as Symbion Project
Komputer Kontroller
Cosmonaut Zero
Origin United States
Instruments Synthesizer
Labels Speed of Dark Music
Associated acts Splashdown
Website http://www.symbionproject.com
Notable instruments
vintage analog synthesizers, Theremin, Yamaha QY-70

Kasson Crooker is an American electronic musician, composer, and the artist behind Symbion Project, his solo moniker. His past bands are Freezepop, Splashdown, Larkspur, and Sirensong. DJ HMX, Komputer Kontroller, and Cosmonaut Zero were fake alias bands used only for the videogame FreQuency and Amplitude.

In September 2009, he retired from the synthpop group Freezepop, of which he was a founding member. While in the band he went by various aliases, starting as "The Duke of Candied Apples," then briefly being known as "The Duke of Belgian Waffles," and finally "The Duke of Pannenkoeken." His main solo project is Symbion Project, with five releases, the "Red" album, released in 1998, "Immortal Game," released in 2003, "Wound Up by God or the Devil" released in December 2006, "Misery in Soliloquy" released in October 2009, and "CONTRAPASSO" released in November 2011.

His other past bands include the dreampop band Sirensong and the more well-known Splashdown, whose albums include "Stars and Garters", the "Halfworld" EP, the "Redshift" EP, and the unreleased full-length albums "Blueshift" (which was completed for but never released by Capitol Records) and "Possibilities" (an album of remixes and demos).

Crooker was also a Project Director at video game developer Harmonix and was the Project Lead on Phase, Rock Band 2, Dance Central, and Dance Central 2 for Kinect/Xbox360. The music of Symbion Project and/or Freezepop has been featured in the Harmonix PlayStation 2 games FreQuency, Amplitude, the Karaoke Revolution series, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2, Phase, Rock Band; the InCog-developed Downhill Domination; and one of the North American Dance Dance Revolution games developed by Konami, which publishes Karaoke Revolution. He and Eric Brosius took home the 2006 Game Developers Choice Award for Best Audio for their work on Guitar Hero. Kasson has a vast collection of vintage analog mono and poly synthesizers.

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