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Jyrki Kasvi
Born (1964-01-06) 6 January 1964 (age 54)
Pyhtää, Finland
OccupationFinnish MP representing the Green League

Jyrki Jouko Juhani Kasvi (born in Pyhtää, Finland on 6 January 1964) is a Finnish politician. He has been a member of the Finnish Parliament, representing the Green League. In the Parliament he was most active in the Committee for the Future, which he represented in the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network (EPTA), related to technology assessment. He was first elected to the Parliament in 2003, re-elected for a second term in 2007, and lost his seat in the election of 2011. He was again elected in 2015. He has also been, among other things, a member of the city council of Espoo since 1997 and the second vice-president of the International Parliamentarians' Association for Information Technology (IPAIT) since 2004.

Kasvi has a Ph.D. in Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. He has written several books about computers and information society. Kasvi is married to the opera singer Maria Boman and they have one child, Ilmari (b. 1994). Kasvi has been the editor in chief of Kosmoskynä, the magazine of Finnish Science Fiction Writer's Association, a games reviewer in the computer magazine MikroBitti and a columnist in the computer games magazine Pelit, under the pseudonym Wexteen the Wizard. An avid fan of Star Trek, he added a Klingon version of his campaign re-election website in 2007.[1]

Kasvi's surname means "plant" in Finnish.


Kasvi representing the Green League speaking in the Plenum Hall of the Finnish Parliament.
  • Kasvi J.J.J. (2003) Knowledge Support in Learning Operative Organisations. HUT Industrial Management and Work and Organisational Psychology Dissertation Series No 2.
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  • Kasvi J.J.J. (2000) Nollia ja ykkösiä - Tarinoita tietokoneista, tietoyhteiskunnasta ja meistä ihmisistä (Zeros and Ones - Stories about Computers, Information Society and us People), Otava.
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Some English papers:

  • Kasvi J.J.J., Vartiainen M. & Hailikari M. (2003) Managing knowledge and knowledge competences in projects and project organisations. International Journal of Project Management: 21 (8) 571–582.
  • Kasvi J.J.J. & Vartiainen M. (2000) Performance Support on the Shop-Floor. Journal of Performance Improvement: 39 (6) 40–46.
  • Kasvi J.J.J., Vartiainen M., Pulkkis A. & Nieminen M. (2000) The Role of Information Support Systems in the Joint Optimisation of Work Systems. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing: 10 (2) 193–221.
  • Kasvi J.J.J., Vartiainen M., Anneli P. & Nieminen M. (1997) Information tools for the shop-floor. AI & Society: 10 (1) 26–38.

Science fiction short stories:

  • Ihan eri ihminen (Verkon Silmässä 2005)
  • Palava taivas (Aikakone 1/1993) (Ranked 2nd best sf&f Finnish short story of the year 1993 by the Atorox Award committee)
  • Pikkusisko (Aikakone 1/1991)
  • Vihersiipi (Tähtivaeltaja 4/1990)
  • Voihan rotta (Aikakone 3/1987)

List of public offices[edit]

  • Member of parliament (2003–2011; 2015–)
  • Member of Committee for the Future (2003–2011)
  • Member of Espoo city council (1997–).
  • Chairperson of the Committee for Technical Services of Espoo (2001–2003)
  • Chairperson of the Green League city council group of the Espoo city council (2002)
  • Member of the Espoo city board (1997–2000)


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