Kasym Khan

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Kasym Khan
Reign 1511-1521
Coronation 1511
Predecessor Burunduk Khan
Successor Mamash Khan
Born 1445
Uzbek Khanate[disambiguation needed]
Died 1521
Saray-Jük, Kazakh Khanate
Spouse Sultan Nigar Khanum
Full name
Kasym Khan Zhanibekuly
House House of Borjigin
Dynasty Tore
Father Zhanibek Khan
Mother Jagan-begim Khanum
Religion Islam

Kasym Khan (Kazakh: Қасым хан) was a son of Janibek Khan and the fourth Khan of Kazakh Khanate from about 1511 to 1521.[1] He is viewed as the first leader who united the Kazakh tribes.[1] Although, Burunduk Khan was the Khan of the Kazakhs, the control of the government was in the hands of Kasym Khan. Eventually, he sent Burunduk Khan into exile who died in Samarkand. Kasym Khan had a brother named Adik Khan who was married to Sultana Nigar Khanim, daughter of Yunus Khan of Moghulistan. When Adik Khan died, Kasym Khan took her as his wife.

Preceded by
Burunduk Khan
Khan of the Kazakhs
Succeeded by
Mamash Khan

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