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Kat or KAT may refer to:


  • Karl-Anthony Towns (born 1995), American basketball player
  • Kat Alano (born 1985), Anglo-Filipino model, actress, and television presenter/VJ in the Philippines
  • Kat Ashley (c1502–1565), governess to Queen Elizabeth I
  • Kat Bjelland (born 1963), American musician
  • Kat Blaque (born 1990), American YouTuber, activist, and artist
  • Kat Cressida (born 1968), American actress
  • Kat DeLuna (born 1987), singer-songwriter
  • Kat Dennings, stage name of American actress Katherine Victoria Litwack (born 1986)
  • Kat Foster (born 1978), American actress
  • Kat Graham (born 1989), American actress, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and model
  • Kat La, real life name for ItsFunneh, member of YouTube group Krew.
  • Kat Stewart (born 1972), Australian actress
  • Kat Swift (fl. 2008), American politician and activist
  • Kat Von D (born 1982), tattoo artist
  • The Great Kat, metal guitarist and violinist
  • The Kat, stage name of Stacy Carter (born 1970), former professional wrestling personality

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