Kat River

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Kat River
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Kat River is located in Eastern Cape
Kat River
Location of the Kat River in the Eastern Cape
CountrySouth Africa
RegionEastern Cape
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationWinterberg, Eastern Cape
 ⁃ coordinates32°34′17″S 26°45′34″E / 32.57139°S 26.75944°E / -32.57139; 26.75944
 ⁃ location
Great Fish River, Eastern Cape
 ⁃ coordinates
32°59′44″S 26°47′5″E / 32.99556°S 26.78472°E / -32.99556; 26.78472Coordinates: 32°59′44″S 26°47′5″E / 32.99556°S 26.78472°E / -32.99556; 26.78472
Length150 km (93 mi)

The Kat River (Afrikaans: Katrivier) is a tributary of the Great Fish River, that drains the southern slopes of the Winterberg in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.


Kat, meaning "cat", is a translation of the Khoekhoen word "huncu", that apparently referred to the wildcats of the area.[1] It lent its name to Katberg, the Katberg Pass and the Kat River Settlement.

Course and utilization[edit]

The 150 kilometres (93 mi) long Kat River rises 30 km north of Fort Beaufort[1] in the Katberg escarpment of the Winterberg. At 32°59′44″S 26°47′5″E / 32.99556°S 26.78472°E / -32.99556; 26.78472 it forms a northern tributary of the Great Fish River, northeast of Fort Brown[1] and south of Hamburg, Eastern Cape.

It supplies the Kat River Valley with irrigation water for large citrus orchards, and supplies Seymour and Fort Beaufort with domestic water.


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