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The emblem (mon) of the Katakura clan

The Katakura clan (片倉氏, Katakura-shi) is a Japanese family which claims its descent from Fujiwara no Toshihito by way of Katō Kagekado. The family entered Mutsu Province in the 14th century as subordinates of the Ōsaki clan. However, in 1532, they became retainers of the Date clan, and remained so until 1872. In the Sengoku era, the Katakura took part in all the major campaigns of the Date clan. The family's head, Katakura Kagetsuna, became renowned throughout the country, even receiving praise from Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who granted Kagetsuna a fief (thereby bypassing Kagetsuna's status as vassal to Date Masamune).

In the Edo period, the heads of the Katakura clan were hereditary karō in the Sendai Domain. Their personal fief was centered at Shiroishi Castle (modern-day Shiroishi, Miyagi).

Shigenobu Katakura, the current chief priest of Sendai's Aoba Shrine, is a direct descendant of this family.

Head Family[edit]

  1. Katakura Kagekatsu
  2. Katakura Kagefusa
  3. Katakura Kagenobu
  4. Katakura Kageharu
  5. Katakura Kagetsune
  6. Katakura Kagetoki
  7. Katakura Kageshige
  8. Katakura Kagesuke
  9. Katakura Kageyuki
  10. Katakura Kagehiro
  11. Katakura Kagemura
  12. Katakura Kageshige
  13. Katakura Kagetsuna
  14. Katakura Shigenaga
  15. Katakura Kagenaga (2nd)
  16. Katakura Muranaga
  17. Katakura Murayasu
  18. Katakura Muranobu
  19. Katakura Murasada
  20. Katakura Murakiyo
  21. Katakura Muratsune
  22. Katakura Kagesada
  23. Katakura Munekage
  24. Katakura Kuninori
  25. Katakura Kagenori
  26. Katakura Kagemitsu
  27. Katakura Kenkichi
  28. Katakura Nobumitsu
  29. Shigenobu Katakura