Kataldhar Lonavla

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Kataldhar Waterfall
A view from Rajmachi of Kataldhar Waterfall before monsoon

Kataldhar is the name of a big waterfall near Lonavla in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This waterfall is not so famous because to reach to the valley is somewhat difficult and need some experience of basic trekking before exploring this place. Water is not available there for the whole year, but a good amount of water falls during the monsoon season. Though it is difficult to reach to the valley there is a heaven at the end of the fall.

Kataldhar Waterfall is located near Rajmachi Fort. On the way of Rajmachi Trekking route you will find 3 mango trees. This is only one option to reach Kataldhar Waterfall. From this point you can descend the Ulhas valley through dense forest. After reaching at Kataldhar Waterfall you will see one eye shape cave where 100 people easily accommodate in that cave. From this cave you will see Rajmachi Fort (Srivardhan Fort Balekilla).


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