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KatamaRayudu poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani
Produced by Sharrath Marar
Written by Srinivasa Reddy (dialogues)
Vema Reddy
Timma Reddy (additional dialogues)
Screenplay by Vasu Varma
Deepak Raj
Story by Siva
Bhupati Raja
Based on


by Siva
Starring Pawan Kalyan
Shruti Haasan
Siva Balaji
Tarun Arora
Music by Anup Rubens
Cinematography Prasad Murella
Edited by Gautham Raju
North Star Entertainment
Release date
  • 24 March 2017 (2017-03-24)
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 55 crores
Box office 147crores[1]

Katamarayudu is a Telugu language action film directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani which features Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles, while Siva Balaji, Ali, Tarun Arora, and Ajay appear in supporting roles.[2] It is a remake of Tamil film Veeram and it was directed by Siva.

The film was released worldwide on 24 March 2017.[3]


Kattula Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a brave person living in a village called Oddaanchatram, who lives with his four brothers. The elder brother loves the younger ones to the core, and sacrifices his happiness for their good. They are often caught in fights and they are proud of it. Advocate Bail Lingam (Ali) bails them out whenever legal issues arise because of their brawls. Katamarayudu hates the idea of marriage as he feels that his wife might create disharmony among brothers. Though the four younger brothers say that they don't want to either fall in love or get married, when Kattula Katamarayudu is not around, they all have their secret lovers. Now, in order to get the green light for their love stories, they learn through his brother's childhood friend Collector that Kattula Katamarayudu, in school, was in love with a girl named Avantika and his brothers hatch a plan to find her and reintroduce her to Kattula Katamarayudu, so he can fall for her all over again. But she's married now and has kids. So the brothers conspire to do the most logical thing, which is to find another woman named Avantika (Shruti Hassan) because, you see, Kattula Katamarayudu was not in love with that girl so much as her name, and when he meets another (completely random) girl with that name, he is sure to lose his heart to her, just because she bears that name. Though initially reluctant later Kattula Katamarayudu himself falls in love with her. He clashes with a businessman called Radia (Pradeep Rawat) to take care of market in the village. Radia tries to kill Kattula Katamarayudu's brothers while Kattula Katamarayudu kidnaps Radia's son Juttu Ranga (Ayyapa Sharma) after clashing, Kattula Katamarayudu orders Radia to leave this village.

While travelling in train to Avantika 's village, Avantika narrates her family background to Kattula Katamarayudu. Avanthika's father Bhupathi(Nassar) is a respected man in the village who hates violence, while his son (Ravi Prakash) is exact opposite who kills people but when he is killed, Bhupathi refuse to bury his body and decided to make his village with peace and harmony. Few goons enter into train but Kattula Katamarayudu bashes all the rowdies, Avantika is shocked to see Kattula Katamarayudu whom she thought as a non-violent person. Kattula Katamarayudu and his brothers arrive at Avantika's village with clean shaven look, he says that he has changed and he would never harbor violence, he and his brothers are welcomed and respected by her family. Bhupathi is touched and impressed by their love, affection and hospitality. Kattula Katamarayudu comes to know that an illegal goon named Yelasari Bhanu (Tarun Arora) wants to kill Bhupathi and his family, reason is revealed through flashback that Yelasari Bhanu's father (J. Mahendra) is responsible for blast of matchstick factory. Bhupathi complains against Yelasari Bhanu's father and is arrested, commits suicide by getting hit by a lorry.

Yelasari Bhanu swears revenge against Bhupathi. Kattula Katamarayudu finishes all the goons and solves all their problems without the knowledge of Bhupathi and family. When Bhupathi's granddaughter finds sickle under Kattula Katamarayudu's jeep, Bhupati orders Kattula Katamarayudu to go out of the town. Yelasari Bhanu who escapes from death sentence arrives to kill Bhupathi but Kattula Katamarayudu keeps him and his family in a safe place. Yelasari Bhanu informs Kattula Katamarayudu that he had kidnapped one of his brothers Sivarayudu (Siva Balaji), Kattula Katamarayudu arrives at the nick of time and saves his brother but instead gets attacked by Yelasari Bhanu. Bhupathi and his family who arrives at the place comes to know about risk taken by Kattula Katamarayudu to save him from the mess. Brutally attacked Kattula Katamarayudu rises steadily, kills Yelasari Bhanu and his henchmen. Bhupathi who is impressed with Kattula Katamarayudu's valor decided to give his hand to his daughter Avantika. The film ends with the marriage of Kattula Katamarayudu and his brothers.


  • Pawan Kalyan as Kattula Katamarayudu (Kamal Thakur in Hindi version)
  • Shruti Hassan as Avantika (Shanti in Hindi version)
  • Tarun Arora as Yelasari Bhanu, Main Antagonist who wants to kill Bhupati and his family
  • Siva Balaji as Sivarayudu, Katamarayudu's younger brother
  • Ali as Kattula Lingarayudu / Linga Babu / Lingam
  • Ajay as Kattula Kondarayudu / Konda Babu, Katamarayudu's younger brother
  • Kamal Kamaraju as Katamarayudu's younger brother
  • Chaitanya Krishna as Katamarayudu's youngest brother
  • Rao Ramesh as Narsappa
  • Nassar as Judge Bhupathi, Avanthika's father
  • Ayyappa P Sharma as Juttu Ranga, Radia's son
  • Prudhviraj as NASA Sarvam, Avanthika's uncle & Bhupathi's younger brother
  • Pradeep Rawat as Radia, a businessman
  • J. Mahendran as Machappa, Yelasari Bhanu's father
  • Ravi Prakash as Ravi, Avanthika's brother (cameo), who was killed
  • Pavitra Lokesh as Pavitra, Avantika's mother
  • Manasa Himavarsha as Manasa
  • Sowmya Venugopal as Manju
  • Ashmitha Karnani as Alivelu
  • Yamini Bhaskar as Yamini
  • Bhanu Sri Tripathi


After the release of his previous film Sardaar Gabbar Singh (2016), Pawan announced that he would remake Tamil film Veeram (2014) in Telugu with S. J. Surya as a director, despite Tamil film was already dubbed and released in Telugu as Veerudokkade. The title of the film was announced as Katamarayudu named after the song sung by Pawan from the film Attarintiki Daredi (2013).[4] However, in a sudden turn of events, Suryah left the project to concentrate on acting assignments as he was the main villain of upcoming móvie, Spyder and he was replaced by Kishore Kumar Pardasany collaborating with Pawan for second time after Gopala Gopala (2015) while Soundarrajan who was the cinematographer was replaced by Prasad Murella.[5] The film began its shoot on 24 September[6] in Secunderabad.[7]


Track listing
1."Mira Mira Meesam"Ramajogayya SastryAnup RubensAnurag Kulkarni4:10
2."Laage Laage"Bhaskarabhatla Ravi KumarAnup RubensNakash Aziz (Additional Vocals: Dhanunjay, Nautana)3:56
3."Jivvu Jivvu"Varikuppala Yadagiri GoudAnup RubensDhanunjay2:38
4."Emo Emo"Ananta SriramAnup RubensShreya Ghoshal, Armaan Malik4:17
5."Yelo Yedarilo Vaana"Ananta SriramAnup RubensDhanunjay, Malavika4:17
6."Netha Cheera"Bhaskarabhatla Ravi KumarAnup RubensSai Charan, Sahithi4:00
7."Love Theme" InstrumentalAnup Rubens1:01


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