Katara Prize for Arabic Novel

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Katara Prize for Arabic Novel
Country Qatar
Presented by Katara (cultural village)
First awarded 2015
Website [1]

The Katara Prize for Arabic Novel is an Arabic literary prize based in Qatar. It was established in 2014 by the Katara Cultural Village. The total prize pool is $650,000 and the main prize $200,000, making it one of the richest literary prizes in the world.[1][2][3] One of its sponsors is UNESCO.[4] The winning novels will be translated into five languages - including French and English.

The prize was originally split into two major categories: published and unpublished novels each of which had five winners. More recently prizes were added for research/literary criticism and for young adult unpublished novels. For the published novels, the five winners originally received $60,000 while five winners under unpublished category were each awarded $30,000. Among the winners in each category, one was be chosen as the "drama" winner in which the winning works are guaranteed film adaptations. The drama winner in the published category received an additional $200,000.


Blue ribbon - winner of the drama prize


Sources: [5][4]

  • Jalal Barjis (Jordan)
  • Abdul Jaleel Al Tuhami (Morocco)
  • Maisaloon Hadi (Iraq)
  • Zakaria Abu Maria (Morocco)
  • Blue ribbon Samih Al Gabbas (Egypt)



Prize for Published Novel - $60,000 each
  • Said Khatibi, Forty Years Awaiting Isabel
  • Sameha Kheres, Fostoq Abeed
  • Shaker Noori, Khatoon Baghdad
  • Hoshank Osi, The Plight of the Questions and the Lust of Imagination
  • Mohamed Barada, Mawt Mokhtalif
Prize for Unpublished Novel - $30,000 each
  • Husein Al-Sakaf, False Face Statue
  • Taha Mohamed Taha, The Apple Tree
  • Abdelwahab Eisawi, Safar Amal Al-Manseyen
  • Mohamed Al-Meer Ghalib, Shahd Al-Maqaber
  • Mona Al-Shimi, Watan Al-Jeeb Al-Khalfi
Research-Literary Criticism - $10,000 each
  • Dr. Al-Basheer Dayfallah
  • Dr. Khalid Ali Al-Yas
  • Dr. Abdelhamid Al-Hossami
  • Dr. Mostafa Al-Nahal
  • Dr. Youssef Youssef
Prize for Young Adult Unpublished Novels - $10,000 each
  • Ahmad Shehata, Jabal Al-Khorafat
  • Ghamar Mahmoud, Babel’s Mirror
  • Kauther Al-Gondi, Seren’s Notebook
  • Moneera Al-Darwai, It is not a Condition to be a Superhero to Succeed
  • Nasr Sami, Al-Taer Al-Bashari


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